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Country Natural Beef: Creating Greener Pastures

Learn about regenerative ranching, why we support it, and how our partners at Country Natural Beef are putting it into practice.

A herd of five cows standing in a pasture.

At New Seasons Market, we believe that good food is directly related to doing good for people, communities, and the planet—whether that means buying apples that support a local farmer, wild-caught fish that helps protect a local watershed, or humanely raised meat that champions sustainable and resilient local food systems.   

That's why we have partnered with Country Natural Beef since day one. They farm using regenerative ranching practices, prioritizing animal welfare and holistic grazing practices, and their guiding philosophy aligns with our unwavering commitment to supporting regenerative ranches: Leave the land better than you found it.   

And they're working hard to do just that. For more than 36 years, this network of family ranches across thWest has honed their regenerative ranching practices across their collective 6.5 million acres—as the largest ranching cooperative in the Western U.S.   

So, what exactly is regenerative ranching? Well, to put it simply, it's a way of farming that helps nourish rather than deplete the land by rebuilding soil health, increasing carbon capture, improving water efficiency, and promoting biodiversity. It's no secret that beef production emits greenhouse gases, but Country Natural Beef is working to reduce or offset those emissions to create greener pastures, now and for future generations.

Three Country Natural Beef ranchers standing close together holding small strands of wheat.

What do regenerative ranching practices look like for Country Natural Beef? 

As ranchers, they feel it is their responsibility to manage every part of the ranching system—from soil and water to plants and animals. That includes:   

  • Aiming to keep the soil covered as much as possible with cover crops and minimizing disturbance 

  • Managing the diversity of native plant and animal species  

  • Promoting continual living plants (more perennials vs. annuals)   

  • Maintaining livestock integration with enhanced management   

  • Improving water infiltration  

To help hold themselves accountable for land regeneration, they have instituted a new program called Grazewellthe nation’s largest climate-friendly beef program.  

Their goal by 2030 is to have Grazewell regenerative practices in use on 6.5 million acres of Country Natural Beef farmland. 

A close-up of a rancher holding a lard clod of mud.

To help them reach their goals, Country Natural Beef is working with Sustainable Northwest to quantify and measure the benefits of the regenerative practices being implemented by Grazewell and Grazewell-certified producers.  

By 2030, Grazewell will:  

  • Reduce the carbon intensity of beef production by 50-100% compared to conventionally raised beef. 

  • Sequester 1-4 metric tons of carbon per acre (the equivalent of removing at least 1.3 billion gasoline-powered cars from the road). 

  • Provide increased annual returns on cattle for Grazewell-certified, Family-Owned Ranches.

  • Improve soil health and rangeland productivity, enhance habitat for fish and wildlife, and conserve water. 

Learn more about Grazewell and the work that Country Natural Beef is doing for a more sustainable future here. 
At New Seasons Market, we firmly believe in local partnerships that support a more sustainable future—and bring delicious food to your table. We’re proud to partner with local ranches like Country Natural Beef to offer humanely raised steaks, ground beef, roast, and more. Because the better it’s raised, the better it tastes. 

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