Sea of Possibility

Explore the pure, savory flavors of Mediterranean cuisine at your local New Seasons Market.


Maybe it’s Nossa Familia coffee, Ruby Jewel ice cream sandwiches or our house-baked olive ciabatta. Everyone has a happy food—and we want to give it to you for a year.

Welcome To The Table

What happens when you gather friends around a giant pan of paella? A knockout dinner party. See the photos and get the delicious recipe, courtesy of The Table.

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Weekly Specials

  • Air-Chilled Bone-in Half Chicken Breast$3.99/lb
  • Bulk Arborio Rice3.99/lb
  • Bulk Olive Bar25% OFF
  • Olive Ciabatta$4.99/ea
  • Cauliflower Salad with Black Olive Vinaigrette$7.99/lb
  • Lamb Shanks$6.99/lb
  • Castroville Heirloom Jumbo Artichokes$2.99/ea

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