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General Questions

Can I return or exchange something I bought?

We want you to be happy with your purchase. If something isn’t right, we'll replace it or refund your money within 90 days with proof of purchase, such as a paper receipt, e-receipt, or swipe of the original payment card. If you don’t have a receipt or the original payment card, we can also accept government issued ID and issue the refund on a New Seasons Market gift card.

What are your discount days?

We have two weekly discount days: On Military Tuesdays, veterans and current military receive 10% off most items. On Wisdom Wednesdays, our customers 65 and better receive 10% off most items. 

How do I apply to work at New Seasons?

Click here to access our Careers page.

What are you doing to reduce the use of plastic in your stores? Why aren’t you using compostable packaging, instead?

As a neighborhood grocery store focused on local partnerships, we have a unique opportunity to improve our environmental impact from our products, operations and supply chain. We integrate sustainability into all elements of our business with objectives rooted in three impact areas: preventing food waste, reducing single-use packaging and mitigating climate change. 

There are a number of things we focus on in our stores to reduce food waste, lower carbon emissions, and to manage waste through our circular packaging program and recycling programs and events. Here are a few details you might not know, and you can learn more here! 

  • Food waste is a significant contributor to greenhouse gasses (GHG). One-third of the food raised or prepared doesn’t end up being consumed, and it takes a vast amount of resources to grow one calorie of food. Wasted food accounts for roughly 8% of global emissions and preventing food waste is the most effective strategy in limiting GHG.  

  • We accept small quantities of hard-to-recycle materials at our stores’ recycling centers, including #1 plastic containers, plastic film, Paktech lids, and cork. 

  • We partner with Bold Reuse to offer reusable containers in stores at the deli and in bulk. 

Check out our blog post to learn more about our recycling program. 

How can I get New Seasons to carry a certain product I love?

Click here to share your feedback with us.

How do I get my product on New Seasons' shelves?

Click here to access our Sell to Us page.

Where can I request to bring New Seasons to my neighborhood?

Click here to share your feedback with us. Select “General feedback” when sharing your location suggestion with us. Feedback from our customers is just one piece of the very complex decision-making process for new store locations and our aim for sustainable growth.

Neighbor Rewards Loyalty Program

Neighbor Rewards Loyalty Program Overview

Neighbor Rewards, rewards for you and your community. It is our way of saying “thank you” to our customers who shop with us and support the shared values of good food, community, and sustainability. Earn points on just about everything you buy at New Seasons Market, get double points on Partner Brand products, and 10 bonus points when you bring your own reusable shopping bag or container! As soon as you earn 500 points, you’ll automatically get a $5 reward on your account to spend the next time you shop. Sign up for email and mobile communications for special offers, to get e-receipts, use our “digital punch card” towards your Bevie Bonus!, get a free treat on your birthday, and even donate your reward dollars to a local partner with Gift It! 

Click here or text NEIGHBOR to 54967 to join! See our Terms & Conditions for more information. 


Sign up for email and/or mobile communications to receive exclusive special offers, notifications about your rewards and other perks.

Gift It!

You have the choice to gift any or all of your Neighbor Rewards (in dollar increments) to a featured local partner within your online account.

Bevie Bonus

Bevie Bonus is a digital punch card for our in-store beverage bar. The punches are stored digitally each time you purchase a made-to-order beverage or drip coffee from the beverage bar and enter your Neighbor Rewards phone number at checkout. Every 10th bevie is on us! Text “BEVIE” to 54967 to check your punch card balance and see if you have any free beverages on your account.


Be sure to opt-in to email to receive your paperless receipt. Once logged in to your online account, under "Communication Preferences," click the options to subscribe and be sure to "save preferences" when you are done!

If you aren’t receiving your e-receipts, check to make sure "e-receipts” is selected under your Communication Preferences and that your email address is correct. Check your spam folder! You can also add receipts@neighborrewards.com to your safe senders list to make sure your email provider isn’t accidentally blocking our emails. 

I forgot to enter my phone number – can I still get my points?

If you received an e-receipt, your transaction linked to your account and you accrued points for eligible purchases. If you have a paper receipt, you can look to the bottom of the receipt to see points accrued for that purchase.

Don’t see your points? Email NeighborRewards@NewSeasonsMarket.com; make sure to include your enrolled phone number and have your receipt info handy.

How do I update my email address or phone number?

You can update your email address under My Profile. Under “Personal Information,” update your email address and click "save" at the bottom.

Your phone number is connected to your Neighbor Rewards account. To update your phone number, please email NeighborRewards@NewSeasonsMarket.com and include the phone number you signed up with and the number you would like it changed to, and we’ll be happy to help.

Do I earn points on my online purchases?

You sure do! If you are already a Neighbor Rewards member, and you are shopping with us on shop.newseasonsmarket.com, your account will be connected to your online purchases and Rewards Points will be added to your account within two days of your purchase.

If you are shopping with us on Instacart, enter the mobile phone number you use at checkout or add it to your account within the Instacart site or app by going to “Account Settings” and then “Loyalty Card.” Your Instacart purchases will then automatically link to your Neighbor Rewards account going forward. You can expect to see your points reflected in your Neighbor Rewards balance within two days of your purchase.

Please note: Rewards and offers can only be redeemed or used in-store at this time.

Card Link

Card Link allows you to easily link your payment card(s) to your Neighbor Rewards account! It’s a simple, secure way to get Neighbor Rewards points, e-receipts, and special offers without having to enter your phone number every time you check out. Enter your phone number when you check out like you normally do. Then insert or swipe your preferred payment card (credit or debit card), and that’s it! Your card is linked. You can link multiple payment cards to the same account through the same process. Once you’ve registered your card, remember to look for the “Welcome Back” greeting on the pin pad. That’s your indication that it’s working. Please note this process does not currently work for contactless payment.  Customers using contactless payment should enter their enrolled Neighbor Rewards mobile number on the pin pad to receive their Neighbor Rewards points and e-receipts.

Why do you want to know my dietary preferences?

By sharing your dietary preferences, we can tailor your offers and experiences to what matters to you. We care about your time, and want to be respectful of how often we email or text you. Understanding your dietary preferences is one way we can make sure we only send you what’s relevant.

Online Grocery Shopping

How do I place a grocery delivery or pickup order?

To browse or place an order, visit New Seasons Online at shop.newseasonsmarket.com. On our main website, there are many ways to navigate to New Seasons Online; any links to the Weekly Ad, for example, will take you to New Seasons Online's shoppable page of this week's sales. 

Although the New Seasons Online platform leverages the technology and convenience of Instacart, your New Seasons Online account will be different from your Instacart account. That said, you can still shop with us through the Instacart website and/or app, if you prefer.

  • If you have a general question about New Seasons Online, please contact us at talktous@newseasonsmarket.com
  • If you have a question about an order you placed through the Instacart website or app, you can contact Instacart by emailing them at help@instacart.com or calling 888-246-7822.

Can I get my senior or military discount on delivery or pickup orders?

Unfortunately, the systems we use for online orders are unable to apply senior or military discounts at this time. 

Do I earn Neighbor Rewards points on my delivery/pickup orders?


  • If you're shopping on New Seasons Online, all earned points will be automatically applied to your account without any additional action.  
  • If you're shopping through Instacart's website or app and you already have a Neighbor Rewards account, simply enter your Neighbor Rewards number into the “card number” box below your order total at checkout on the Instacart site. You can also enter your Neighbor Rewards number under “loyalty cards” in your Instacart account.
    • If you don’t already have a Neighbor Rewards account, sign up here and start earning points!
NOTE: Unfortunately, although you can earn points with online orders, the systems we use for online orders do not support the redemption of Neighbor Rewards $5 rewards or offers at this time.  

Can I redeem my Neighbor Rewards $5 rewards or offers on Instacart?

The systems we use for online orders do not have the ability to apply Neighbor Rewards $5 rewards or offers at this time.  

Can I use a New Seasons gift card to pay for my delivery or pickup order?

Unfortunately, New Seasons Online does not have the capability to accept New Seasons gift cards at this time. Gift cards must be redeemed in-store.

New Seasons gift cards are not redeemable on the Instacart website or app as it is a third party site and only able to accept Instacart gift cards.
If you would like to purchase an Instacart e-gift card go to Instacart.com and 1) Login or Create an Account, 2) click on the Account menu at the top right corner of the screen, and 3) select “Buy Gift Card”.
If you have questions or need assistance you can contact Instacart by emailing them at help@instacart.com or calling 888-246-7822.

Gift Cards

How do I check my gift card balance?

For physical gift cards, check the back for the number to call. 

For e-gift cards, the email you received contains a link you can use to check your balance online at any time. 

Why doesn’t my New Seasons Market gift card work for my Delivery or Pickup order online?

We work with Instacart to fulfill our Delivery and Pickup orders. Only Instacart gift cards work on the Instacart site. If you’d like to purchase an Instacart e-gift card go to Instacart.com and 

•   Login or create an account 

•   Click on the Account menu at the top right corner of the screen 

•   Select “Buy Gift Card” 

If you have questions or need assistance you can contact Instacart by emailing them at help@instacart.com or calling 888-246-7822.

What is the most I can purchase at a time?

The limit per gift card is $500, and you may purchase a max of $2,000 in gift cards within one transaction.

Why didn't I receive my e-gift card?

Check your spam or junk folder for your gift card email. If after two hours you haven't received your e-gift card, please email giftcards@newseasonsmarket.com to make sure the correct email address was typed in.

Where can I reload my gift card?

To reload your New Seasons gift card with additional funds, take it into any store. e-Gift cards can't be reloaded at this time.

Can you replace my card if it is lost or stolen?

Unfortunately gift cards are like cash—and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.