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Friendly neighbors wanted. Want to join our team? Check out the current job openings at all of our locations.

Current Job Openings

At New Seasons Market, we’re more than a grocery store. We’re a socially responsible, progressive workplace with industry-leading pay and benefits, and a culture of collaboration. We love people, quality regional food and being part of a vibrant community gathering place. Let’s work together and build on these shared values. We’re always looking for friendly neighbors to join our team.  


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A Neighborhood Market Since Day One

New Seasons Market began in 2000 as a friendly neighborhood market: a place for locals to come together as a community to discover the region’s best-tasting food and support the people who grow and produce it.


Grow With Us

Our staff bring our mission to life every single day. As a Certified B Corp, we're committed to taking care of them and our communities. With industry-leading pay and benefits, career development, 401(k) matching, a 30% discount and other work-life perks, we cultivate good for generations to come. We got you!

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    Wage Growth

    $16.25/hour starting pay, and an average hourly pay of $20.21 for store staff.
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    Big Benefits

    Medical, dental and vision benefits start at 24 hours a week, and cover domestic partners and dependents.
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    Lifestyle Scheduling

    Secure and flexible scheduling, with two days off in a row.
  • Parental Support icon of alphabet building blocks

    Parental Support 

    All-family-type paid parental leave at 23 hours a week, funds for childcare, daycare FSA benefits and adoption assistance.
  • Future Development icon graduation cap

    Future Development

    Continued education and professional development scholarships, management training and 401(k) matching.
  • Life preserver icon

    Work-Life Support

    30% staff discount, paid time off, public transport benefits, and paid community service hours.