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At New Seasons Market,we’re all about showing up for our planet. That’s why environmental sustainability is one of the key pillars of our commitment as a neighborhood grocery store, deeply rooted in our values.

An image showing the storefront of New Seasons Progress Ridge.

As a certified B Corp grocer, a major cornerstone of our sustainability mission is championing environmental stewardship. We do this through engagement with our staff, decision-makers, customers, and community members—and by partnering with local producers, farmers, ranchers, and nonprofits who share our commitment to a sustainable future. We also advocate for government policy changes that benefit our people, partners, local communities, and the planet. 

Here are just some examples of our sustainability engagement: 


We often hear from staff that they chose to work for New Seasons because of our mission and focus on sustainability—whether that be waste reduction, companywide initiatives to reduce emissions, supporting sustainable food systems, or all the above! 

Our staff are some of the biggest advocates for the products we carry and engage customers with the stories of what makes the producers, farmers, and ranchers so exceptional. 

Outside our stores, our staff use their Lend-a-Hand benefit (8 hours of paid volunteer hours, annually) to volunteer with organizations that clean up neighborhoods, restore habitats, and provide food access and equity. 


New Seasons customers care about what they eat and where their food comes from and actively engage in the stories behind the products they buy and feed to their families.  

This level of dedication and selection makes our customers advocates for building a more sustainable and resilient local food economy.


New Seasons is a proud member of the B Corp community. We carry over 50 fellow B Corp certified brands on our shelves and work within the local B Corp community on volunteer events and staffing events. As well as working in partnerships with other value-driven brands like Tillamook, Hopworks, and Stumptown Coffee to create awareness around the B Corp movement.  

New Seasons Market is also involved in multiple environmental-facing policy networks in Oregon—and as a member organization, we're advocating for environmental policies relevant to our business, including partnerships with the following:

Logo for Oregon Organic Coalition

Oregon Organic Coalition (OOC)

This coalition works to advance the development and growth of the organic industry, practices, and community—benefitting water quality, soil health, and biodiversity. The OOC is also helping to develop a center of excellence for organic education, cost-sharing programs, and other incentives for organic and regenerative agriculture.


Logo for Oregon Business for Climate

Oregon Business Alliance for Climate

This alliance of 100 companies represents industries across Oregon, from manufacturing to agriculture, transportation, and healthcare. Coming together with industry support and business leadership to advance urgent, ambitious, equitable climate policies and programs.


Association of Oregon Recyclers

This association is committed to achieving systems for sustainable materials management by supporting high-quality recycling and composting, thoughtful consumption, and producer responsibility.


Carman Ranch humanely raised cattle grazing Oregon pasture

Carman Ranch

We’re excited to spotlight woman- and family-owned Carman Ranch as our first Regenified™ verified local producer.

New Seasons and Tillamook staff volunteers posing for a group photo at the planting event.

A Dairy-Licious Sustainability Initiative

Find out what happens when three partners come together for one big sustainability project.

An image showing a close-up of two hands harvesting leafy greens from a garden bed.

Zero Foodprint: A Collective Movement to Address Climate Change

We're working to reverse climate change in partnership with our friends at Zero Foodprint. Find out how this collective effort supports a brighter, more sustainable future.