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Zero Foodprint: A Collective Movement to Address Climate Change

We're working to reverse climate change in partnership with our friends at Zero Foodprint. Find out how this collective effort supports a brighter, more sustainable future. 

An image showing a close-up of two hands harvesting leafy greens from a garden bed.

At New Seasons, we're committed to supporting sustainable agriculture, and you can see that commitment in action through our partnership with Zero Foodprint—a nonprofit working to mobilize the food world to support a growing movement of farmers and ranchers wanting to use their land to help solve climate change by implementing regenerative agriculture practices.   

Through small donations across the food system, Zero Foodprint funds grants to help farmers and ranchers switch to regenerative farming practices—one of the most impactful ways to help solve global warming. These projects draw carbon from the atmosphere and store it underground, resulting in better food, thriving farms, and a restored climate. 

We partnered with Zero Foodprint to support their incredible mission, including a habitat restoration project with fellow B Corp (and iconic Oregon dairy co-op!) Tillamook County Creamery Association, as well as a collective initiative of 26 brands, including New Seasons Partner Brand, pledging to donate 1% of sales in April 2024 to Zero Foodprint to celebrate Earth Month. 

A photo of Zero Foodprint Executive Director Anthony Myint.
Zero Foodprint Executive Director Anthony Myint

Zero Foodprint Executive Director Anthony Myint is not only an award-winning chef and restaurateur, but he's also a leader in the movement to create a solution to the climate crisis, and his outlook puts the strides we're making into perspective: 

"What's amazing is that we can undo all the damage from decades of industrial farming with one decade of regenerative agriculture."  

Our commitment to addressing climate change for our communities, farmland, and the planet aligns with Anthony and Zero Foodprint, and by working together, we're doubling our impact.  

Visit Zero Foodprint to learn more about this collective movement to change the climate, one acre at a time. 

New Seasons and Tillamook staff volunteers posing for a group photo at the planting event.

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Carman Ranch humanely raised cattle grazing Oregon pasture

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Two hands inspecting a clod of dirt in a field.

Supporting Regenerative Agriculture

We advocate for better soil health, carbon capture, and biodiversity for the health of our communities and the planet.