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A Dairy-Licious Sustainability Initiative

Find out what happens when three partners come together for one big sustainability project. 

New Seasons and Tillamook staff volunteers posing for a group photo at the planting event.

As your neighborhood grocer, we’re committed to bringing you really good food. To do that, we make it our business to be great partners, community members, supporters of local makers, farmers, and entrepreneurs, and good stewards of sustainability and climate mitigation.  

That’s a tall order, but we wear our values on our sleeves and believe that the positive steps we take today, however big or small, create a lasting impact for generations to come.  

We also know it’s important to you that the grocery store and brands you love are doing good for the planet. So, when we saw an opportunity to create a supply chain partnership with fellow B Corp Tillamook County Creamery Association (TCCA)—Oregon’s iconic dairy co-op—to help drive climate action in collaboration with Zero Foodprint, we jumped on board. 

We announced our project in April 2023 and broke ground in February 2024 to create a riparian forest on regional dairy farms within TCCA’s co-op.  

Together with Tillamook and Zero Foodprint, groups of employee volunteers from New Season and Tillamook came together to plant approximately 1100 native, woody plants on two TCCA-member dairy farms. By replanting unvegetated farmland with native, woody vegetation, the project aims to sequester carbon, protect and improve water quality, and enhance wildlife habitats for birds, rodents, migrating salmon, and amphibians—all while creating lush and verdant plant life. The planting will remove an estimated 86 metric tons of CO2e from the atmosphere annually. That's the equivalent of not burning an estimated 9,677 gallons of gas per year. Imagine that over a lifetime of planting! 

This sustainability initiative marks the first TCCA partnership with a retail customer on an environmental project, and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of such an impactful endeavor. 

We can’t wait to see our efforts continue to grow (pun intended) in the years to come.

A planting event volunteer kneeling on the ground and scooping dirt around the base of a small tree they are planting.

Zero Foodprint

Founded by award-winning restaurateurs, Zero Foodprint is a nonprofit organization working to mobilize the food world to support a growing movement of farmers and ranchers wanting to use their land to help solve climate change—but who need funding to implement regenerative farming practices  

Through small donations across the food system, Zero Foodprint funds grants to help farmers and ranchers switch to renewable farming practices, one of the most impactful ways to help solve global warming. These projects draw carbon from the atmosphere and store it underground, resulting in better food, thriving farms, and a restored climate. 

Envisioning a Renewable Food Economy

Find out more about the incredible work Zero Foodprint is doing to create agricultural climate solutions.

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Zero Foodprint illustrated logo in white on blue background depicting a hand holding a platter with half a world globe.
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