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Reducing Single-Use Plastic Waste With Hummingbird Wholesale

The bulk section at New Season is a glorious place filled with oats, nuts, sweets, pantry staples, and more. Like all the products in our stores, the food you'll find in bulk is sourced thoughtfully by partners like Hummingbird Wholesale, which is committed to sustainability and reducing food waste and single-use plastics.  

Bulk food items displayed on a table along with reusable containers.

It's Plastic Free July, and we're honored to be a part of the global movement to help reduce single-use plastics for a cleaner, greener community and planet. 

It's no secret that operating a grocery store creates waste, but we believe in doing our part to reduce it wherever we can. That's why we introduced a #1 PET Circular Recycling Program, hold annual recycling events, and partner with folks like Hummingbird Wholesale, a bulk and grocery foods manufacturer and distributor. 

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Our friends at Hummingbird Wholesale are more than food distributors; they work closely with farmers, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to promote sustainable agriculture, build regional food system infrastructure, and strengthen the organic community.  

The bulk items you'll find in our stores from Hummingbird Wholesale are always thoughtfully curated and from a known and trusted source—because while our bulk selections may be some of the largest around, we still seek quality over quantity.  

We also love sourcing from a company that shares our dedication to community, sustainability, and waste reduction. Or as Stacy Kraker, Hummingbird Wholesale Director of Marketing and Customer Service & Sales, puts it, "Hummingbird Wholesale serves people and, like the hummingbird, seeks to sip the nectar without harming the flower." 

Well put. Now, let's look at some of the many benefits of buying in bulk. Spoiler: It has a lot to do with reducing single-use plastics! 

Hands scooping a bulk food item from the bin and into a reusable container at the grocery store.

Benefits of Buying Bulk Foods

Reduce Waste 

Buying food in bulk eliminates the need for unnecessary packaging or single-use plastic because you can shop with your own reusable containers!  

You Only Get What You Need 

One significant advantage of buying in bulk is the ability to purchase exactly the amount you need for a meal or recipe rather than buying a larger, pre-packaged quantity that may go unused.    

Food Stays Fresher 

Because buying in bulk allows you to purchase just the amounts you need, the food you eat is likely fresher than, say, that half bag of polenta you bought months ago for a particular meal and didn't use up.   


Aside from reducing plastic waste, shopping bulk from suppliers like Hummingbird Wholesale is more sustainable because they're passionate about sourcing organic, local, and fair trade foods.  

Every small step we take to reduce our footprint has a positive impact towards a more sustainable future. Happy Plastic Free July! 

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