Can's for Kids

illustration of red soda can reading cans for kids one hundred precent of your deposit goes to your neighborhood schools foundation against a light blue background

Donate Your Used Cans and Bottles

Your donation is now worth 10¢ for each redeemable can or bottle!

Help support the neighborhood schools foundations by donating your redeemable cans and bottles in the area marked “Cans for Kids” at each of our Oregon stores* (if you need help finding the deposit area, just ask a cashier!) The donated deposits from each store will be directed to that neighborhood’s schools foundation. Thanks to our generous customers, our Cans for Kids program raised over $137,000 in 2019!

Read more about our community programs here>>

*Arbor Lodge and Raleigh Hills are unable to accept recyclables at this time, due to their close proximity to Bottle Drop sites.

children recycling empty bottles and cans with New Seasons Market Cans for Kids program at each grocery store

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