From finding better packaging solutions, to creating waste-free ways for customers to shop, we’re serious about reducing single-use waste. Packaging is a complex environmental problem and we actively work to balance the tradeoffs required to ensure food preservation, while limiting unnecessary excess and waste. We routinely evaluate our packaging choices and make or revise decisions based on the best available science and data.

As part of our goal to divert waste from landfills, you’ll find us shifting to environmentally preferable packaging options throughout our stores. We track the environmental benefits of these changes through the reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and single-use waste. Our latest update comes with our fresh Partner Brand Fresh Pasta packaging rolling out in stores through April 2022. You’ll find our fresh pasta in a new recyclable paper tray that uses 91% less plastic than the previous packaging. The first-of-its-kind container also extends the shelf life of the fresh pasta.

Reducing packaging waste and reducing food waste? Now, that’s a win-win.

Learn about our other packaging initiatives below.

  • – Our Bag it Forward community donation program donates a 5-cent reusable shopping bag refund to one of three non-profits in your neighborhood.

  • – Our Neighbor Rewards program offers environmental incentives, including e-receipts and bonus points when you shop with reusables in our stores. Bring your own water bottle, coffee cups or reusable bags, or use GO Box to earn 10 points per visit.

  • – As a partner of Portland’s own GO Box, we currently offer reusable takeout containers in all Portland area stores. With GO Box, customers can take their food in reusable to-go boxes and drop the containers back off for washing and reuse.

  • – We offer in-store customer recycling for items that cannot be recycled at home! Accepted materials include plastic film, natural cork, PakTech handles and clear #1 PET plastic. We also accept aluminum cans as part of our Cans for Kids Program.
New Seasons Market Neighbor Rewards Reusables and Go Box
Water bottle initiative - removing single use water bottles in our New Seasons Market stores for a sustainable future.