To help mitigate climate change, we prioritize partnerships with local food producers and invest in energy-efficient equipment and practices to reduce carbon emissions associated with producing, processing, transporting and storing food.

  • – We’re working closely with local ranchers, farmers and producers to make progress towards a more regenerative food system, to rebuild soil, capture carbon, retain water and bolster biodiversity.

  • – Our company purchased RECs to match 100% of its electricity use for 2022.

  • – We offset 100% of unavoidable emissions associated with refrigeration and natural gas use for 2022.

  • – Our GreenWheels sustainable vendor delivery program partners with Portland’s own B-line Urban Delivery to deliver products from small local producers by electric bike. In 2022, we saved vendors more than 35,334 individual trips to our stores, avoiding 162 metric tons of carbon emissions.
  • – Store efficiencies are rolling out, such as energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, refrigerated case doors, LED lighting, and aerators on defrost sinks.

  • – Locally grown, seasonal products require fewer resources and transportation inputs than those produced further away, which is why we support local growers, ranchers and producers. Supporting local vendors also impacts our local economy in a meaningful way. We have over 1,250 local vendors, and in 2018, we added more than 500 local products to our stores.