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3445 North Williams Avenue
Portland, OR 97212 | Map

7am - 11pm (daily)
(503) 528-2888

This bustling store is located on one of the most well-known and used bike routes in Portland! Pedal over and take advantage of ample bike parking and free lockers for your gear in our Deli Seating Area. Fill your panniers with local produce, fresh bread from our Oregon Tilth Certified Organic bakery, and all the pantry staples you’ll need from our bulk department. Stroll over at lunchtime and eat on our outdoor patio. Cooked-to-order flatbread sandwiches from our authentic tandoor oven, anyone? Yes, please. If you’re visiting us via Vancouver Avenue, check out the mighty metal carrots from local sculptor Ivan McClean—or our unique “green wall,” where living plants thrive.

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What's New

a bottle of new seasons brand tamari and dulse seaweed dressing and marinade

NSM Dulse Dressing & Marinade

Try our new seaweed dressing-slash-marinade. Versatile, delicious and gluten free, it sports an olive oil base to keep it clean and fresh.

Our Extras:


  • — Charcuterie
  • — Growler Station
  • — Hot Sandwich Grill
  • — Latin American Grill
  • — Made to Order Sandwiches
  • — Self-Service Hot Foods
  • — Turbo Case

On Tap

  • Tangerine Tumeric
  • Upright Engelberg Pilsener
    ABV5.5 / IBU 0.0
  • Hop Bob-omb
  • Cash Stout
    ABV6.0 / IBU 45.0
Feb 18 - Sunday
Partner Brand Tasting
11AM - 5PM
Get a taste of our Partner Brand products, including our nut butters, jams, popcorn, tortilla chips and more, this Saturday and Sunday, 11am-5pm. All OR/WA stores. 
Feb 22 - Thursday
Integrative Cancer Care Eliot W. Edwards, ND, FABNO
Nutrition Events
7PM - 8PM
New Seasons Market - Williams
3445 North Williams Avenue
Portland, OR
Research has shown that up to 83% of people with cancer use integrative medicine during conventional cancer treatment. Studies have also shown that some of these therapies are incompatible with conventional treatments. So, who is guiding these patients? Dr. Edwards, who is Board Certified in Naturopathic Oncology will discuss strategies to safely use integrative medicine for people fighting cancer. Free. Registration required.
Mar 16 - Friday
Anti-inflammatory Eating Tour with a New Seasons Market Nutritionist
Nutrition Events
10AM - 11AM
New Seasons Market - Williams
3445 North Williams Avenue
Portland, OR
Looking for an eating style that may reduce the likelihood of developingchronic disease, has the potential to reduce pain, and even supports healthyweight balance? The Anti-inflammatory Diet might be just what you’relooking for. Uncontrolled inflammation is an underlying factor in manychronic disorders including arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s andcancer. Learn the key concepts of an anti-inflammatory diet, and how toincorporate them into mealtime habits. Free. Registration required.