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Introducing New Seasons Market Sensory Hour

To make our stores more accessible to everyone, we’re committed to reserving an hour each week at all New Seasons Market stores to create a calm and sensory-friendly shopping environment. 

An interior photo of a New Seasons Market grocery aisle.

As we work to make our stores more accessible to the community, we’re excited to welcome you to Sensory Hour. Once each week, between 7pm and 8pm, all New Seasons Market stores will create a calm and sensory-friendly shopping environment, free from overhead announcements and music, and with staff walkie-talkies maintained at lower volumes. 

This initiative aligns with our core values to provide the very best shopping experience—that includes responding to the unique requirements of our diverse customer base—as New Seasons Senior Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Nikotris Perkins explains: 

"New Seasons Market has always prioritized customer needs and desires, and we believe that everyone should feel comfortable while shopping with us. The introduction of Sensory Hour demonstrates our desire to create inclusive spaces where more community members can shop at their own pace, without being overwhelmed by sensory stimuli.” 

So basically, Sensory Hour is our way of creating an even more welcoming atmosphere to ensure shopping is an enjoyable experience for all.  

An image showing the exterior of a New Seasons store with lettering that reads: The friendliest store in town.

While Sensory Hour is always 7pm - 8pm, the day of the week we reserve for it varies by location:  

  • Monday: Orenco Station in Hillsboro. Slabtown in NW Portland, and Milwaukie.

  • Tuesday: Palisades in Lake Oswego, Sellwood in SE Portland, and Seven Corners in SE Portland  

  • Wednesday: Arbor Lodge in N Portland, Cedar Hills in Beaverton, and Progress Ridge in Beaverton  

  • Thursday: Concordia in NE Portland, Fisher’s Landing in Vancouver, and University Park in N Portland  

  • Friday: Grant Park in NE Portland, Happy Valley, and Williams in N Portland  

  • Saturday: Hawthorne in SE Portland, Main Street in Vancouver, and Mountain Park in Lake Oswego  

  • Sunday: Nyberg Rivers in Tualatin, Raleigh Hills in SW Portland, and Woodstock in SE Portland