Frequently Asked Questions about Neighbor Rewards:

What is New Seasons Market Neighbor Rewards?

Neighbor Rewards is our way of saying thanks to you, our awesome customers. Over the years, you’ve supported our business while sharing our commitment to environmental sustainability and small regional producers. We’re so grateful — and this is our way of sending a thank you back your way. You’ll earn rewards on just about everything you buy at New Seasons Market. Plus, you’ll get double the points when you support our collaborative and unique partnerships by buying New Seasons Market Partner Brand products made by small regional producers. Bring your own reusable shopping bags for even more points each time you visit the store. And, if you’re signed up for mobile and email communications, you’ll receive other special extras as well.

How do I join?

There are three ways to join:

  1. Visit newseasonsmarket.com/rewards to sign up online.
  2. On your next shopping trip, just enter your mobile phone number on the pin pad during checkout.
  3. Text NEIGHBOR to 54967.

After you enroll, you’ll get a quick text to verify everything and complete your enrollment. You’re in!

How do I earn points?

Enter your mobile phone number at the pin pad and hit the green ENTER button before inserting your payment card at checkout. You’ll earn 1 point per dollar on *almost everything you buy. And, when you buy New Seasons Market brand products, you’ll earn two points for every dollar spent. Plus, on every visit you use your own reusable shopping bags, containers, or Bold Reuse, you’ll get an extra 10 points!
*A quick list of items you won’t be able to earn points with: alcohol, postage stamps, transit passes, bottle deposits, donations, taxes, fees, in-store events and services, and gift cards.

What products earn double points?

You’ll get two points per dollar spent on all New Seasons Market brand products. These include New Seasons Market Partner Brand products, often made in partnership with small, regional businesses; and Made items—chef-inspired goodies made by or for New Seasons Market.

Partner brand product image

Why didn’t I get points on my purchase?

To ensure you earn points every time you shop, punch in your mobile phone number at the beginning of your checkout each time you shop and don’t forget to press the green ENTER button on the pin pad! It’s best to enter your phone number before presenting your payment to ensure your account was recognized before the cashier finalizes the transaction. Look for the “Welcome Back!” message on the pin pad screen. If you see that and are buying eligible items (see above), your points will be reflected in the balance at the bottom of your receipt.

What do I get with my points?

As soon as you earn 500 points, you’ll automatically get a $5 reward on your account to spend the next time you’re at the store or any time you shop in the next 45 days. You also have the choice to gift any or all of your Neighbor Rewards (in dollar increments) to a featured local partner within your online account. We’ll notify you as soon as you hit 500 points—and then, your point balance will reset and you’ll immediately start earning points towards your next $5 reward.

Do my points and rewards expire?

Your points will only expire after 6 months of no activity. Rewards expire after 45 days.

How do I get special offers?

If you’re already enrolled in Neighbor Rewards and have an online account, go to www.newseasonsmarket.com/rewards to log in. Under the “My Information” tab, click “Edit Information.” Select the “Text Messages” and/or “E-mails” check boxes to the right before clicking “Update.” Voila!

If you already enrolled with your phone number at the pin pad or through text, but do not yet have an online account, go to www.newseasonsmarket.com/account/preregister and select the “Text Messages” and/or “E-mails” check boxes to get signed up for special offers.

If you haven’t joined Neighbor Rewards yet, go to www.newseasonsmarket.com/account/create. Enter your information in the necessary fields, including your phone number and e-mail address, and then select the “Text Messages” and/or “E-mails” check boxes at the bottom before clicking “Join.”

Remember to update your profile with your birthday because we just may send you a special treat.

You’ll receive special offers via email and/or text messages occasionally, often based on your shopping preferences. Just click the button or link in the message to load the offer to your account, then when you purchase the eligible items during the dates of the offer and enter your phone number at checkout, the offer will apply automatically.

Can I stack my rewards with other coupons or offers?

Yes! Your rewards are yours—you can use them however you’d like. You choose when to use them, and are welcome to combine them with other offers. If you happen to earn another 500 points before you spend your reward balance, and before your reward expires, you’ll have another $5 reward added to your balance.

Can I donate my rewards?

Yes, you can! If you have any rewards available, you have the choice to gift any or all of your Neighbor Rewards (in dollar increments) to a featured local partner.
If you’re already enrolled in Neighbor Rewards and have an online account, go to www.newseasonsmarket.com/rewards to log in. Under the “Gift It!” tab, you’ll find information about the featured local partner. We will be featuring a different partner throughout the year, so check back here to find out who it is and read their stories so you know exactly who your gift is supporting.

What is “Bevie Bonus”?

Bevie Bonus is a digital punch card for our in-store beverage bar, valid at our Oregon and Washington stores! The punches are stored digitally each time you purchase a made-to-order beverage from the beverage bar and enter your Neighbor Rewards phone number at checkout (or use Card Link). Every 10th bevie is on us!

What do I need to do at checkout to redeem my free bevie?

Nothing special! Just enter your Neighbor Rewards number like you normally do and your free beverage will be automatically applied. You will see a notification on the pin pad, but that’s just to let you know your drink is on us! (Feel free to do a little happy dance.)

Which items are eligible for receiving a punch?

Any hot or cold coffee or tea beverage made-to-order from our beverage bar. This does not include kombucha.

Are flavored syrups or alternative milks included with the free bevie?

Yes. Feel free to add syrups and alternative milks—it’s on us!

How do I check how many punches I have?

Text “BEVIE” to 54967 to check your punch card balance and see if you have any free beverages on your account.

If I purchase my 9th and 10th beverages in the same transaction, will I get the 10th free?

No, you cannot redeem your free bevie in the same transaction that you earn it, but it will be waiting in your account for your next beverage purchase.

Do the punches expire?

Yes, if the digital punch card has not been completed in two years, it will restart.

Do I need to be enrolled in Neighbor Rewards to use the digital punch card?

Yes, you do need to be enrolled to accumulate punches (and other rewards!). Enroll at checkout on the pin pad with your phone number or online at: https://www.newseasonsmarket.com/account/create/

How do I sign up for email receipts?

If you’re already enrolled in Neighbor Rewards and have an online account, go to www.newseasonsmarket.com/rewards to log in. Under the “My Information” tab, click “Edit Information.” Select the “E-receipts” check box to the right before clicking “Update”.

If you already enter your phone number at the pin pad, but would like to create an online account to sign up for e-receipts, go to www.newseasonsmarket.com/account/preregister. Once your phone number and e-mail address link up, you will have the option to check boxes for “E-receipts” before clicking “Join”.

If you haven’t joined Neighbor Rewards yet, go to www.newseasonsmarket.com/account/create. Enter your information in the necessary fields, including your phone number and e-mail address, and then select the “E-receipts” check box at the bottom before clicking “Join”.

Do I have to be signed up for Neighbor Rewards to get email receipts?

Yes, you’ll need to identify yourself each time you check out with your enrolled phone number. Look for the “Welcome Back” message on the pin pad to verify that your transaction has linked to Neighbor Rewards. Once you create a profile at newseasonsmarket.com/rewards, you can sign up for e-receipts and update your contact preferences at any time.

Why am I not receiving my email receipts?

There are a few reasons why you may not be receiving your e-receipts:

•   Log in to your online account (see above) to make sure “E-receipts” is selected under your Contact Preferences and that your email address is correct.

•   Check your spam folder! You can also add receipts@neighborrewards.com to your safe sender’s list to make sure your email provider isn’t accidentally blocking our emails.

Do I need to join Neighbor Rewards to get sale prices?

Not at all! All customers will continue to have access to sales, and only those enrolled in Neighbor Rewards will earn points for their purchases.

I’m already signed up for New Seasons Market emails. Do I still need to join Neighbor Rewards?

Yes! Since Neighbor Rewards is all-new, you’ll need to join using your mobile phone number—it’s how we’ll add points and access your account when you check out. Once you’ve joined with your phone number, make sure to connect your email address by completing your online profile at www.newseasonsmarket.com/rewards.

Where can I update my information and track my points and reward balances?

Visit www.newseasonsmarket.com/rewards to create your profile. From there, you can update your account information, change your contact preferences, opt in to e-receipts and track your points and rewards.To quickly check your points and rewards balance, you can also text “BALANCE” to 54967 if you’re signed up for text notifications.

Does my profile contain points accrued for a purchase, purchase history or e-receipts?

Your online profile does not (yet) show points accrued for a single purchase, purchase history or e-receipts. It does show total point balance and reward balance. If you need a copy of a receipt for a past transaction, please send an e-mail to NeighborRewards@newseasonsmarket.com with the following transaction information: date, time, store location, total amount and last 4 digits of your credit card.  We are working hard to bring these features to online accounts in the future!

Can I combine accounts with a household member?

Each Neighbor Rewards account has one account owner—and can only have one mobile phone number, email address and name attached to it. If your family wants to share an account to accumulate points, please choose one family member to be the primary account holder—and decide which mobile phone number and email address to use on your account. Each member of the household can then use the account by typing in that mobile phone number at checkout.

I forgot to put in my mobile phone number for a purchase. Can I still get my points?

•   Did you receive an e-receipt? Congrats, that means your transaction linked to your account and you accrued points for eligible purchases.

•   If you have a paper receipt, you can look to the bottom of the receipt to see points accrued for that purchase. This feature is currently unavailable for e-receipts

•   You can check your points balance in your profile at newseasonsmarket.com/rewards or text “BALANCE” to 54967 if you’re signed up for text communications.

•   Don’t see your points? Go ahead and email NeighborRewards@NewSeasonsMarket.com; make sure to include your enrolled phone number and have your receipt info handy.

Can I participate in Neighbor Rewards if I don’t have a mobile phone number?

We encourage you to sign up with a cell phone number—if you have one—because that’s the best way to get the most out of the program with the easiest experience. However, we understand not everyone has or wants to use their cell phone to participate in Neighbor Rewards, in which case you’re welcome to use your landline phone number. The best way to join the program, in this case, is through the online customer portal at www.newseasonsmarket.com/join.

How do I change the phone number associated with my account?

Please email NeighborRewards@NewSeasonsMarket.com and include the phone number you signed up with and the number you want it changed to, and we’ll be happy to help. We encourage you to sign up with a mobile phone number to get the most out of the program.

How do I change the e-mail address associated with my account?

Visit www.newseasonsmarket.com/rewards to log-in to your online profile. Under the “My Information” tab, click “Edit Information.” Replace your outdated e-mail address with the correct one and then click “Update.”

Why are you asking for my dietary preferences?

Well, the more we know about you—how you choose to shop, and why you choose the things you do— the more we can tailor your offers and experiences to what matters to you. We care about your time, and want to be respectful of how often we email or text you. Understanding your dietary preferences is one way we can make sure we only send you what’s relevant.

Can I earn rewards for my Instacart purchases online?

You sure can. Within the Instacart site, just enter your mobile phone number at checkout or add it to your account within the Instacart site or app by going to “Account Settings” and then “Loyalty Card”. Once you have added your mobile phone number to your account, your Instacart purchases will automatically link to your Neighbor Rewards account and you will no longer see the option at checkout.

Will my Instacart purchases reflect in my point balance right away?

You can expect to see your points reflected in your Neighbor Rewards balance within two days of your Instacart purchase.

Can I use my rewards for my Instacart purchases online?

Not at this time. Rewards can only be redeemed or used in-store. The same applies to special Neighbor Rewards offers sent to you.

Why don’t I earn points on alcohol?

Alcohol is a controlled substance in Oregon and Washington, restricting us from granting points on alcohol purchases. However, you can redeem a reward on any total purchase that may include alcohol.

Do you sell personal information like phone numbers or purchase history?

No, we will not sell your information. View our privacy policy here.

What is Card Link?

Card Link allows you to easily link your payment card(s) to your Neighbor Rewards account! It’s a simple, secure way to get Neighbor Rewards points, e-receipts, and special offers without having to enter your phone number every time you check out.

How do I register a payment card with Card Link?

Enter your phone number when you check out like you normally do. Then use your preferred payment card (credit or debit card), and that’s it! Your card is linked.

How do I know if my card has been linked through Card Link?

To be sure, go ahead and enter in your phone number then hit the green ENTER button like you normally do before paying with your card. The next time, skip entering your phone number and go straight to payment with that same card. You should see the message “Welcome Back” with your phone number on the pin pad, which indicates that your card has been linked successfully to your Neighbor Rewards account.

Can I link multiple cards to my Neighbor Rewards account with Card Link?

Absolutely! Follow the registration steps for each credit or debit card you want to use. If you don’t remember whether your card is linked, go ahead and enter your phone number before inserting your card. Registrations of each card must be done in separate transactions.

What if I forgot to enter my phone number before inserting my unregistered payment card?

Ask your cashier to bring the Neighbor Rewards phone number screen back, punch in your mobile phone number and present your payment card. If it’s too late, register your card during your next transaction by entering your mobile phone number first, like you normally do.

What kinds of cards work with Card Link?

Physical credit and debit cards are Card Link compatible, as are EBT cards. You will still need to enter your phone number each time when using contactless pay, gift cards, cash, or check, or linking a new card to your account. We are actively working on a solution for contactless pay.

What steps are you taking to keep my payment information safe?

Card Link is SECURE! We never store the actual payment card info—each card is assigned a unique identifier that links the card to a Neighbor Rewards account.

What if I don’t want my payment cards to be linked, but I want to continue using Neighbor Rewards?

Each time you punch in your number and use a new payment card, Card Link will register the card with a unique identifier. At your request, we can remove the unique identifier, while preventing the card from linking to any account in the future. Once your card is unlinked, you will need to enter your phone number each time you shop with that card to accrue points and rewards.

What should I do if I want to remove a linked, lost, or expired card from my account?

Since we never store your actual card number, your lost card is not at risk of being used fraudulently. But, if you would like us to remove the unique identifier linked to any card on your account, simply contact us at neighborrewards@newseasonsmarket.com and we’ll help you out!

What if I have been using Card Link but not earning points?

The payment card you’re using probably isn’t linked to your account. Follow the instruction steps the next time you’re in the store. Still not working? Contact us and we’ll help!

My partner/spouse and I share a Neighbor Rewards account, how do we use Card Link?

We recommend linking each of your cards to the mobile phone number you share. Just follow the instructions to link each card to the same account!

How does Card Link work when I am using multiple payment cards or splitting payment with another person?

If a phone number is entered prior to payment, whatever card is inserted first will get linked to that phone number’s Neighbor Rewards account and points will be accrued. No action will be taken on the second card.

If no phone number is entered prior to payment, points will be accrued to the account of whatever card is inserted first provided it has been previously linked. If that card is not linked to a Neighbor Rewards account, no points will be accrued.

Can I change the Neighbor Rewards account that my card is connected to?

Yes! If you enter a new phone number before inserting your registered card, the card will then be linked to that Neighbor Rewards account moving forward.

Does Card Link work for Instacart purchases?

Card Link only works for in-store purchases at New Seasons Market. To earn points on your Instacart purchases, add your Neighbor Rewards account to Instacart by entering your mobile phone number at Instacart checkout or adding it to your account within the Instacart site or app by going to “Account Settings” and then “Loyalty Card.” Any payment method you use on the Instacart site moving forward will accrue points to your Neighbor Rewards account. Check out our Instacart FAQs for more details on delivery and pickup.

Other questions?

Still have questions—or need help with something? We have answers, and we’re here for you. Email NeighborRewards@NewSeasonsMarket.com and we’ll be happy to help! Please include your name, phone number associated with the account, and a description of your question, including when and where your transaction was made, if applicable.