Card Link

Card Link is here! Now you can securely link your credit or debit card to your Neighbor Rewards account. It’s a simple, secure way to get Neighbor Rewards points, e-receipts, and special offers without having to enter your phone number every time you check out.

Once you’ve linked your payment card to your account, you won’t need to touch the pin pad to enter your phone number AND you still get all the perks of Neighbor Rewards!*

 *Please note that if you have Rewards or other special offers available, you will still need to select those on the pin pad screen to apply to your checkout.

So how does it work?

It’s super easy.

1.   The first time: Enter your phone number when you check out like you normally do. Then use your preferred payment card (credit or debit card), and that’s it! Your card is linked.

2.   Next time, skip entering your phone number, and when you use that same payment card, look for “Welcome Back!” which shows that you’ve successfully linked your card to your Neighbor Rewards account.

3.   Yes—you can link multiple cards to the same account! Just repeat step #1 with another card.

Using contactless (e.g. Apple Pay), cash, gift cards, or check? Enter your phone number each time. Card Link will work for EBT cards.

Card Link is SECURE! We never store the actual payment card info—each card is assigned a unique identifier that links the card to a Neighbor Rewards account.

Once you’ve linked payment card(s) to your Neighbor Rewards account, you’ll receive points on your purchases, be able to apply rewards and other offers, and receive e-receipts simply by presenting your linked payment card when you go to check out.

Helpful Tips:

•   Every time you use a new or different card, punch in your mobile phone number at the register, then present your payment card. This will link a new or different card to your account – you can have multiple cards linked.

•   Once you’ve registered your card, remember to look for the “Welcome Back” greeting on the pin pad. That’s your indication that it’s working.

•   Make sure you complete your online account at to sign up for e-receipts (go paperless!) and special email and mobile offers.

Card Link FAQs:

What kinds of cards work with Card Link?

Most credit and debit cards will be Card Link compatible. You will still need to enter your phone number each time when using contactless, gift cards, cash, or check, or linking a new card to your account.

What if I forgot to enter my phone number before inserting my payment card the first time?

Ask your cashier to bring the Neighbor Rewards phone number screen back, punch in your mobile phone number and present your payment card.

If it’s too late, register your card during your next transaction by entering your mobile phone number first, like you normally do.

Thought you linked a card but not seeing the “Welcome Back” message at the pin pad or earning points?

Ask your cashier to bring the Neighbor Rewards phone number screen back, punch in your mobile phone number and present your payment card (or remember to register your card the next time you’re in store).

What if I have been using Card Link but not earning points?

The payment card you’re using probably isn’t linked to your account. Follow the instruction steps the next time you’re in the store. Still not working? Contact us at and we’ll help!

If I’m using a linked card, will I still need to touch the pin pad?

If you have a reward, you will still need to check the reward box on the pin pad and hit the NEXT button to apply to your purchase. You may also be prompted for cash back, a pin number, or approval of the transaction amount, depending on your card.

What should I do if I want to remove a linked, lost, or expired card from my account?

Since we never store your actual card number, your lost card is not at risk of being used fraudulently. But, if you would like us to remove the unique identifier of any card on your account, simply contact us at and we’ll help you out!

My partner/spouse and I share a Neighbor Rewards account, how do we use Card Link?

We recommend linking each of your cards to the mobile phone number you share. Just follow the instructions to link each card to the same account!

Can I change the Neighbor Rewards account that my card is connected to?

Yes! If you enter a new phone number before inserting your registered card, the card will then be linked to that Neighbor Rewards account moving forward.

If I visit a different New Seasons Market location from the one I normally shop, do I need to enter my phone number again or my payment card will be recognized?

Your payment card will be recognized across all New Seasons Market locations.

Still have questions—or need help with something? We have answers, and we’re here for you.

Email and we’ll be happy to help! Please include your name, phone number associated with the account, and a description of your question, including when and where your transaction was made, if applicable.