Which stores have a bar and growler station?

Growler stations are located at Woodstock, Grant Park, Mountain Park, and Williams. You can see locations of Growler Stations at our Store Map.

Which stores bake their own bread?

The following stores bake their own bread: Seven Corners, Progress Ridge, Arbor Lodge, Williams, Fisher’s Landing, Slabtown, Concordia, Cedar Hills, Orenco Station and Nyberg Rivers.

Where can I learn more about parking at New Seasons?

Call your store and ask about parking tips. Store phone numbers are listed on our Store Map.

How do I get my art and music in a New Seasons store?

Call your store and ask for the Community Coordinator.

How do I rent a community room at New Seasons?

We have community rooms at the following stores: Happy Valley, Woodstock (a small one!), and Fisher’s Landing. Please call the store and ask for the Community Coordinator to inquire about reserving a community room.

How do I get involved in teaching a class at New Seasons?

Email class@newseasonsmarket.com.

Where can I find the classes offered at New Seasons?

Look up events by date, store, event name or event type on our Online Events Calendar.

How do I become a “Bag It Forward” partner?

Learn more about Bag it Forward here. We change our Bag it Forward Partners every six months. Call your Store’s Community Coordinator for more information about when and how we decide upon our Bag it Forward Partners.

How can I request a donation to my nonprofit?

Fill out our online donation form here.

How can I order flowers, food or wine for an event?

Call the store that you’d like to order from directly. Flower delivery is available upon request.