Where can I learn more about gift cards?

Check out our gift card FAQ for more information.

Can I order groceries online and pick up at the store?

Yes! We offer pick up services via Instacart at many New Seasons Market locations. Simply go to newseasonsmarket.com/instacart and select the “pickup” tab at the top of the page. You will be prompted to select your pick up store. Then simply start shopping! If you don’t see the “pickup” tab click on the address drop down and enter the zip code of the store where you want to pick up your groceries (97227 for Williams, for example).

If you have questions or need assistance you can contact Instacart by emailing them at help@instacart.com or calling 888-246-7822.

What are your discount days?

We have two weekly discount days: On Military Tuesdays, veterans and current military receive 10% off most items. On Senior Wednesdays, our customers 65 and older receive 10% off most items.

What is your policy on selling cage-free eggs? Do you use them in your prepared foods department?

As a neighborhood grocery store, it’s important to us to provide a range of products that are accessible to ALL of our neighbors, including customers on a strict budget, a fixed income, or using SNAP benefits. Providing a low-cost option is important to us and we’re continually looking for a low-cost option that is also cage-free.
We are committed to choosing cage-free eggs for the dishes we cook and serve, and use 100% cage-free eggs in all of the dishes prepared in our Bakery. Additionally, our private label Partner Brand ​eggs are all cage-free. ​

Which stores have a bar and growler station?

You can see locations of Growler Stations, Beers on Tap and Wine Bars on our Store Map.

Which stores bake their own bread?

The following stores bake their own bread: Raleigh Hills, Happy Valley, Seven Corners, Progress Ridge, Arbor Lodge, Williams, Fisher’s Landing, Slabtown, Concordia, Cedar Hills, Orenco Station, and Nyberg Rivers.

Where can I learn more about parking at New Seasons?

Call your store and ask about parking tips. Store phone numbers are listed on our Store Map.

How do I get my art and music in a New Seasons store?

Call your store and inquire about art and performances in the dining area.

How do I rent a community room at New Seasons?

We have community rooms at the following stores: Happy Valley, Woodstock (a small one!), Williams and Fisher’s Landing. Please call the store to inquire about reserving a community room.

Where can I find the classes offered at New Seasons?

Look up events by date, store, event name or event type on our Online Events Calendar.

How do I become a “Bag It Forward” partner?

Learn more about Bag it Forward here. We change our Bag it Forward partners every six months. Want to apply to be a Bag It Forward partner? Please email us at outreach@newseasonsmarket.com.

How can I request a donation to my nonprofit?

Please fill out our donation form online. Please visit our Community page for more information about our giving.

How can I order flowers, food or wine for an event?

Call the store that you’d like to order from directly. Flower delivery is available upon request.

Where do I put my recyclables at New Seasons?

In-store customer recycling programs are offered for plastic film, aluminum cans, Paktech plastic handles and clean, clear #1 PET plastic. See the full list of accepted recyclables here.

Can I return or exchange something I bought?

We want you to be happy with your purchase. If something isn’t right, we’ll replace it or refund your money within 90 days with proof of purchase, such as a paper receipt, e-receipt, or swipe of the original payment card. If you don’t have a receipt or the original payment card, we can also accept government issued ID and issue the refund on a New Seasons Market gift card.

Where can I request to bring New Seasons to my neighborhood?

Click here to share your feedback with us. Select “General feedback” when sharing your location suggestion with us. Feedback from our customers is just one piece of the very complex decision-making process for new store locations and our aim for sustainable growth.

How can I get New Seasons to carry a certain product I love?

Click here to share your feedback with us.

How do I get my product on New Seasons’ shelves?

Click here to access our Sell to Us page.

How do I apply to work at New Seasons?

Click here to access our Work with Us page.