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Side by side delivery breakdown for Amazon Prime Now and Instacart

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We know shopping at the friendliest store in town is more fun than most adventures at the grocery store, but sometimes, you just need to save time! That’s where our delivery options come in.

We’ve partnered with Amazon PrimeNow to offer 2-hour delivery to Amazon Prime members in the Portland and Seattle areas. Simply visit the PrimeNow website, and shop for New Seasons Market favorites across almost all departments.*

In Sunnyvale, we’ve partnered with Instacart for delivery. Their functionality even allows you to communicate with your shopper as they go through the shopping process! You can also use their options for replacements that make sure you get the product you are really hoping for. And, if you leave notifications on your phone on, you can quickly veto or suggest an alternative if your shopper has to replace something.

Currently, online ordering and delivery of NSM goodies is offered in most store area zip codes**. It’s kind of like having New Seasons Market right next door. And who doesn’t love that?

*Excluding our beer and wine departments in our Oregon stores.
**We are not currently delivering to customers in our Fisher’s Landing or Evergreen zip codes.