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New Seasons Partner Brand: Introducing Certified Regenified Hot Dogs

There’s hot dogsand then there’s New Seasons Certified Regenified Hot Dogs, made in partnership with Regenified™ verified Carman Ranch.

A package of New Seasons Uncured Beef Hot Dogs on a countertop.

When we created New Seasons Partner Brand, we wanted to do more than just put food on the shelf with our name on it. We set out to create a private label with a purpose, and all these years later, we're still committed to partnerships with small, regional producers who share our value of bringing good that does good to our communities. 

So, with that, we're thrilled to introduce New Seasons Hot Dogs, made in partnership with women-owned Carman Ranch—a Regenified™ verified network of family ranches in Wallowa, OR.  

Why all the excitement? Well, our dogs aren't just any dogs; they're made with regeneratively raised, grass-fed beef. It took over a year to get through the USDA approval process to create them, but it was worth it. New Seasons is now the first brand to receive a Certified Regenified label approval by the USDA. We're proud of this designation and our dogs—because both represent our commitment to bringing you good food that's better for the planet.

Four New Seasons Uncured Beef Hot Dogs in buns with mustard, chopped tomatoes, and pickles and chips on the side.

Surrounded by breathtaking wilderness in Eastern, OR, Carman Ranch is a network of nine small, family ranches that are leading the way in regenerative agriculture—an innovative farming method that rebuilds soil health, increases carbon capture, improves water efficiency, and promotes biodiversity.  

We’ve partnered with Carman Ranch since 2017 to bring our customers grass-fed beef, steaks, pepperoni sticks, and more, so when they decided to go for Regenified™ verification, we jumped right on board and backed their efforts with a grant that helped them reach their goals.     

Being Regenified™ verified means that our friends at Carman Ranch follow the rigorous standards of ensuring their farming practices always meet the needs of our changing planet—whether that's providing healthy pastures for their grass-fed and finished cattle to graze or rotating their cattle through pastures to allow the topsoil to recover the minerals and nutrients that healthy grass needs to grow. 

We're honored to partner with Carman Ranch and other farmers, ranchers, and makers committed to a more sustainable and resilient local food economy. 

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Supporting Regenerative Agriculture

We advocate for better soil health, carbon capture, and biodiversity for the health of our communities and the planet.

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Carman Ranch

We’re excited to spotlight woman- and family-owned Carman Ranch as our first Regenified™ verified local producer.

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