Partner Brand

Partner Brands including nut butters made by Wild Friends Foods ice cream by Ruby Jewel

At New Seasons Market, we call our private label Partner Brand.

New Seasons Partner Brand is about creating long-term partnerships with local producers in the communities we serve to connect you to quality, great tasting food. Whether it’s ice cream from our friends at Ruby Jewel, tortilla chips from Don Pancho, nut butters from Wild Friends Foods, or Korean sauces from Choi’s Kimchi, we’re committed to supporting small businesses that share our core values of building community and sustainable growth through exceptional food.

We are proud to carry over 350 Partner Brand products from nearly 50 makers in our community. So proud we print their names right on the label!

Quality is everything.

For us, quality has always been a key differentiator when it comes to sourcing great food, and Partner Brand is no exception. We take pride in going above and beyond to ensure that only the freshest, best tasting ingredients make it into our products. From locally grown berries and rBST-free milk from range-raised cows, to sustainably sourced fish and pure honey, not a stone goes unturned in our pursuit of great quality.

New Seasons Partner Brand items including ice cream, whole milk, almond butter, multivitamins, and dry pasta

We love local.

When we say local, we mean it. We love working with partners within 500 miles of our locations, with fewer than 50 employees, for our Partner Brand products. We believe that by supporting small businesses, we help to feed the community that feeds us. It also allows us to have a personal, hands-on relationship with our partners and the products we create. And the closer to home, the closer we are to delicious ingredients sourced right here in our community.

Interested in partnering with us as a local producer? Visit our Sell To Us page, or email


It takes a community.

We’re passionate about the way people eat. From our farmers and producers to customers and staff, we’re dedicated to cultivating and celebrating our local food communities and taking care of the neighborhoods we serve. We know that our Partner Brand is the sum of its parts, and we’re dedicated to finding wonderful people in our diverse community—whether that is someone getting their start at a farmers market, a chef wanting to bottle their special sauce, a son sharing his family recipe, two friends experimenting with one great idea in a dorm room, or someone looking to grow their business.

In fact, we love supporting our incredible partners so much, you’ll earn double Neighbor Rewards points anytime you purchase a Partner Brand item. Learn more about Neighbor Rewards here.

New Seasons Market cashier packing a reusable back of groceries for the customer


Our part in Partner Brand

Not only do we look for partners with delicious recipes and quality products made with local, sustainably sourced ingredients, we look for underserved businesses—including those owned by women and entrepreneurs of color—doing exceptional work in our community that we can’t wait to tell you about—people we’re excited to work with for years to come. Once we find those special someones, we work closely throughout every aspect of the process—from concept to your table. We cover the costs and hassle of packaging, labeling and promotion so that our partners can focus on what they do so well: making delicious food.

Plus, we donate 1% of all Partner Brand sales into our Partner Fund microloan program for underrepresented food businesses that historically face access restrictions to capital, such as businesses owned by women, people of color, immigrants, LGBTQIA and social mission-based companies. Learn more about Partner Fund here.

Building strong partnerships is what we love to do—because we know that food does more than nourish. It brings people together. 

New Seasons Partner Brand items including local honey, cage-free eggs, salted butter, pasta sauce, pasta, tortilla chips, salsa, cookies and more