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Cedar Hills
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3495 Southwest Cedar Hills Boulevard
Beaverton, OR 97005 | Map

8am - 10pm (daily)
(503) 641-4181

At Cedar Hills, there’s a lot going on. Like in our spacious deli, for example: there’s something for everyone’s appetite, from made-to-order woks to hot sandwiches. Grab a bite to go or take a seat in our roomy seating area and consider this: back in the ’20s, Rose Merlo ran a horseradish farm named Beaverton Foods. Her recipes caught on with the neighbors and before long, Rose and her family had a thriving local business. Today, we’re proud to say you can pick up a jar of Beaverton Foods Horseradish in our store, conveniently located near the olives. And Beaverton Foods’ headquarters is located just a few miles from our store!

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What's New

a bottle of new seasons brand tamari and dulse seaweed dressing and marinade

NSM Dulse Dressing & Marinade

Try our new seaweed dressing-slash-marinade. Versatile, delicious and gluten free, it sports an olive oil base to keep it clean and fresh.

Our Extras:


  • — Beers on Tap
  • — Burrito Bar
  • — Deli Case
  • — Hot Soup
  • — Self-Service Hot Foods
  • — Wine Bar
  • — Wok & Ramen Bar

On Tap

  • Boneyard Notorious
    ABV11.8 / IBU 80
  • Modern Times Haunted Stars
  • Baerlic What the Fluff?
  • Pelican Abuela's Casita
    ABV6 / IBU 35
  • Alpine HFS
    ABV6.5 / IBU 48
  • Hi-Wheel Blackberry Habanero
  • '16 David Hill Farmhouse Red
  • '15 Ken Wright Pinot Noir
  • '16 Goodfellow Chardonnay
  • '16 Apolloni FETE BLANC
Feb 18 - Sunday
Partner Brand Tasting
11AM - 5PM
Get a taste of our Partner Brand products, including our nut butters, jams, popcorn, tortilla chips and more, this Saturday and Sunday, 11am-5pm. All OR/WA stores. 
Mar 6 - Tuesday
Cedar Hills
Tuesday Tea for Seniors: Eat the Rainbow Series - Eat Your Greens
Nutrition Events
10AM - 11AM
New Seasons Market - Cedar Hills
3495 SW Cedar Hills Blvd
Beaverton, OR
Explore health topics while sipping warm tea with a New Seasons Market Nutritionist. This month we will discuss the benefits of adding leafy greens to your diet. Free. Registration required. 
Mar 28 - Wednesday
Cedar Hills
Anti-inflammatory Eating Tour with a New Seasons Market Nutritionist
Nutrition Events
6PM - 7PM
New Seasons Market - Cedar Hills
3495 SW Cedar Hills Blvd
Beaverton, OR
Looking for an eating style that may reduce the likelihood of developingchronic disease, has the potential to reduce pain, and even supports healthyweight balance? The Anti-inflammatory Diet might be just what you’relooking for. Uncontrolled inflammation is an underlying factor in manychronic disorders including arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s andcancer. Learn the key concepts of an anti-inflammatory diet, and how toincorporate them into mealtime habits. Free. Registration required.