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Let’s Eat Together

Now Arriving: Local Strawberries!

Nothing says summer like biting into a perfectly ripe, extra sweet, handpicked local strawberry grown just down the road. Come take your pick! 

hands holding strawberries in a colander under running water

If you've ever summered in the Pacific Northwest, then you know this is a very exciting time of year because it's when our local strawberries begin arriving—and we start eating them with every meal. 

And the best part—aside from all the sweet, juicy, melt-in-your-mouth berry goodness—is that all the varieties we get in-store are grown within 50 miles of the Portland Metro area. That means they are extra fresh and flavorful. 
Choose from limited favorites like Hood Strawberries, Mary's Peak, and Sonata varieties, which are here for just two weeks; Albion and Sweet Ann varieties, which stick around all summer; and Sweet Sunrise, a newer variety we'll have in limited quantities. 

You can expect to see strawberries at your neighborhood New Seasons from incredible local farms, such as Bluff Berry Farm in Boring, OR, Nottinghamshire Farms in Aurora, OR, and one of our longtime partners, Unger Century Farms (formerly Unger Farms) in Cornelius, OR. 

Strawberries growing

We've been partnering with the Unger family for over a decade, and the Hood strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries we receive from them just keep getting better and better.  

After a brief stint helping other farmers perfect their hydroponic growing systems, fourth-generation farmer Will Unger returned to the farm to carry on the family's 100-year tradition of farming using sustainable practices they hope to pass down to the fifth generation. 

We're honored to call the Ungers friends and partners and share their delicious berries with you. 


If you don't eat them all first, our Champagne Berry Blast recipe* is a cool way to beat the summer heat while enjoying your local berry bounty.  

*This one is for grownups only. The recipe makes six champagne popsicles.  

Fresh, locally grown strawberries and cherries displayed on a table and in a bowl.

Local Produce Tracker

Want a better idea of when to expect your favorite strawberry varieties to show up in-store? Check out our sweet Local Produce Tracker!

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