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Let’s Eat Together


From cheese plates and oysters to show-stopping centerpieces and (of course!) the dessert round, find the perfect wine pairings for your holiday feast.

A wide selection of white and red wine bottles displayed side by side on a counter with grapes, oranges, and filled wine glasses.

Every delicious holiday dish deserves a clink-worthy companion. And we think you’ll find the perfect complement to your holiday spread—whether you’re keeping it small or going all out—among our wide selection of local and international wine.

We asked our knowledgeable wine buyers for their expert pairing suggestions for turkey, rib roast, ham, appetizers, and the best part of any meal: pie!

Here are some of their top picks for your festive feast:


Because turkey is so versatile, you really can’t go wrong with your wine selection. For red wine lovers, our Partners in Crime and Overjoy Sweet Cheeks Pinot Noirs are both great picks. If you prefer a white or rosé wine with your turkey, our Overjoy Plaimont Rosé or Overjoy Sokol Blosser Chardonnay are great options. No matter which wine you choose, you’re getting a local favorite!

Two bottles of red wine and two bottles of white wine on a tabletop from New Seasons wine partners Overjoy and Partners in Crime.
Three bottles of red wine on a tabletop from New Seasons wine partners Overjoy and Partners in Crime.

Rib Roast

When it comes to tender, flavorful beef, you'll want to spring for a medium- or full-bodied red wine with plenty of depth and complexity. Our rich, fruit-forward Partners in Crime Organic Malbec is produced with grapes harvested from the Columbia Valley and pairs beautifully with a holiday roast, as does the Overjoy Hedges Red Blend with notes of dark chocolate and ripe cherry. Or, if you prefer a dryer, fruity-yet-earthy red wine, try the Overjoy Tre Donne Nebbiolo.


Pair your slightly sweet and oh-so-savory ham with a light- to medium-bodied aromatic white or fruit-forward red wine. Underwood Pinot Noir Nouveau is a dry, fresh red wine perfect for such a feast—the same goes for the floral and fruity Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau. For white wine lovers, Ponzi Pinot Gris is ripe and round with notes of pear and lemon zest, making it the perfect complement to your holiday feast.

A cropped image of a bottle of white wine from Ponzi Vineyards on a tabletop next to a class of wine.
A bottle of red wine next to a bottle of white wine on a table with filled wine glasses in the background.


Who doesn’t love getting filled up on wine and finger food? Well-ripened cheese plates, shrimp cocktail, or oysters on the half shell are a match made in heaven with a nice, crisp white wine like Bella Notte Extra Dry Prosecco. Or, if you’re building the ultimate charcuterie board with fruit and cured meats, choose an easy-going red wine like Underwood Pinot Noir Nouveau and our Overjoy Brunelli Chianti from the heart of Tuscany.


Everyone’s favorite reason for the season—sweet and tangy fruit pies, rich and creamy spiced pies, and all that flaky, buttery crust—pair perfectly with a lush port wine. For fruit pies, grab a bottle of the cherry-forward Krohn Ruby Port, or if you’re digging into a spiced pie, a glass of smooth, jammy Krohn Tawny Port will treat you well.

Did we miss something? Don’t hesitate to ask our knowledgeable wine stewards for their pairing suggestions.

A bottle of port wine on a table next to a stemless wine glass filled with port and a plate with a slice of pumpkin pie.


Celebrate with a curated selection of wines that pair deliciously with holiday fare.

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