Risotto Ready

Risotto is easier than you think-and is the perfect vessel for fresh spring asparagus from Inaba Farms.


Hunt and Gather

Discover the benefits of paleo cuisine with seasonal produce, grass-fed meat and nutrient-rich seeds and nuts.

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Weekly Specials

  • Denver Sole Fillet5.99/lb
  • Coconut Oil$7.99/ea
  • Grass-Fed Boneless New York Steaks$17.99/lb
  • Apple Cider Vinegar$2.49/ea
  • Organic Zucchini$1.49/lb
  • New Chapter50% off entire line
  • Organic Kale2 for $3

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  • 5 days ago - In 2013, we were the first grocery store in the world to become a certified @BCorporation. #EarthDayAlways
  • 6 days ago - Paleo diets include veggies, pasture-raised meat, game and wild fish, traditional fats, and select fruit, nuts and seeds. #Paleo101
  • 7 days ago - "For cooks and diners, asparagus is the quintessential sign that spring has arrived." — #AaronWoo #NaturalSelection http://t.co/VkMxsomnMZ