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Ham. Lamb. Quiche. Get ahead of the game for your holiday feast-and reserve your meal's centerpiece right here.

Pure Bread

Our Certified Organic bakery is among the first in the Northwest to achieve Non-GMO Project verification-for 20 varieties and counting.

Welcome to Wellness

Be well. Feel good. Download our Nutrition & Wellness spring 2015 class schedule.

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Weekly Specials

  • Organic Whole Fryers$2.99/lb
  • Champagne Mangos2 for $3
  • Fresh Alaskan Halibut Fillet$19.99/lb
  • Organic Ciabatta$4.99/ea
  • Large Heirloom Artichokes2 for $5
  • New Seasons Market Rose$44.99/ea
  • Organic Seven Grain $4.99/ea

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  • 4 hours ago - Free classes, from anti-inflammatory diets to miso making...the Spring Wellness Schedule is here, friends:
  • 2 days ago - @bklynn That's a very complex subject! Email and we'll talk all about it?
  • 3 days ago - @ItsMeStewy Nice catch! We'll tell them to flip the state around to match our photo. ;)