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Looking to navigate the expansive world of supplements and herbal remedies? Our Wellness staff can help. They’re constantly undergoing training, so they can do everything from providing the most up-to-date info about the best cold remedy to understanding innovative alternatives in natural cosmetics. Our goal? To guide you in making the best choices for you and your family—and help you feel pretty darn great in the process.

Our Top 5 Vegan Must-Have Body Care Products for Spring

Various body care products on a wood surface with spring flowers

1 – Noyah Lipsticks
Flirty spring colors in a bamboo and metal dispenser that reduces plastic waste by 60%.

2 – Brush on Block, SPRF-30 Facial Powder
This SPF-30, chemical-free, easy-to-apply mineral powder sunscreen is safe for every day use without the greasiness of cream-based sunblocks.

3 – Andalou 1000 Rose Body Lotion
The ultimate skin food—made with pomegranate, rose hips, aloe vera and argan oil. This lotion absorbs quickly and is full of nutrients for your skin.

4 – Heritage House Rosewater Atomizer
Perfect for cooling and hydrating skin, this spray has a delicate floral scent that’ll keep you calm and carrying on.

5 – Acure Organics Captivating Coconut Body Wash
This vegan body wash creates a rich lather with an amazing beach-y fragrance.