Full Service Butchers

Think of us as your friendly neighborhood butcher! Need a special cut or thickness? Tips for grilling or marinating? Want your selection cubed for stewing or kebabs? Just ask! We’re happy to help and love sharing what we know with our customers.

Leave the Prep to Us

We offer a large variety of ready-to-cook options made on-site, so you can save time while still providing healthy meals for you and your loved ones! Try our wok-ready stir-fry mixes, pre-balled meatballs ready to sear and simmer, and stuffed burger patties just begging to be grilled. Most of our recipes are developed on site by New Seasons staff using healthy, locally sourced ingredients, so there’s always something new to try! 

Quality Matters

You want organic, non-GMO, local, or grass-fed? No problem. We’ve got it all. We only source meat from partners we know and trust who care for their animals responsibly. And we’re working closely with our local partners to make progress towards a more regenerative food system. Because we believe that the better it’s raised, the better it tastes.

Meat attributes