Full Service Butchers

Think of us as your friendly neighborhood butcher! Need a special cut or thickness? Tips for grilling or marinating? Want your selection cubed for stewing or kebabs? Just ask! We’re happy to help and love sharing what we know with our customers.

Cooking the Perfect Steak

From Meat and Seafood Manager, Andrew, at the Concordia store:

“There are a few things that you can do to ensure that your steak comes out evenly cooked, juicy and downright amazing!  First step? Temper your steak like a fine piece of cheese.  Place it covered, in a cool place in your kitchen to allow it to slowly rise in temperature.  By doing this, your steak will cook more evenly.  I usually take this time to also season my steak, and let the seasonings permeate the meat.  Lastly, cook your steak to your desired doneness and let it rest.  By doing this, your steak will retain more of its juices.  So, next time you cook steak, remember: temp it, season it, sear it and let it rest!”

Leave the Prep to Us

We offer a large variety of ready-to-cook options made on-site, so you can save time while still providing healthy meals for you and your loved ones! Try our wok-ready stir-fry mixes, pre-balled meatballs ready to sear and simmer, and stuffed burger patties just begging to be grilled. Most of our recipes are developed on site by New Seasons staff using healthy, locally sourced ingredients, so there’s always something new to try! 


Our Partners in Proteins

All of our meat—beef, chicken, lamb, pork, and turkey—comes from ranchers we know and trust.
Oregon Country Beef: All Over the Pacific Northwest Family-owned cooperative. Non-GMO Verified. Humanely Raised. Hormone and Antibiotic Free. Our Partner Since 2000.Umpqua Valley Lamb: Across Oregon Family-owned cooperative. Pasture Raised. Humanely Raised. Hormone and Antibiotic Free. Our Partner Since 2000.Smart Chicken: Dover, NE Cage Free. Humanely Raised. Antibiotic Free. New Partner!Diesel Turkey: Sonora, CA 100% Vegetarian Fed. Humanely Raised. Antibiotic Free. Our Partner Since 2000.Carman Ranch Beef: Wallowa Valley, OR Family Owned. Grass Fed. Humanely Raised. Hormone and Antibiotic Free. Our Partner Since 2010.Pure Country Pork: Ephrata, WA The Food Alliance Certified Sustainable Hog Operation! Humanely Raised. Antibiotic Free. Our Partner Since 2006.Champoeg Farms Turkey: St Paul, OR Family Owned. Pasture Raised. Humanely Raised. Antibiotic and Additive Free. Available in Oregon stores. Our Partner Since 2013.Reister Lamb: Washougal, WA Third generation family owned. Pasture-raised. Humanely Raised. Grass-fed. Hormone and Antibiotic Free. Available in Washington stores Our Partner Since 2000.Botany Bay Farms chicken: Brush Prairie, WA Rotational grazing, sustainable farm Pasture-raised. Humanely Raised. Fed a Non-GMO feed. Antibiotic Free. Our Partner Since 2014.

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