Bakery & Pastry

Our Oregon Tilth Certified bakery department focuses on artisanal breads and seasonal treats both sweet and savory. With fresh baked goods being made seven days a week and other locally sourced organic treats rolling in every day, our bakery has something for everyone (including plenty of gluten-free and vegan options).

House Made Breads

We bake 20 artisan breads, all made from locally sourced organic ingredients like flours from the Camas Country Mill in Oregon. All our breads are certified non-GMO and hand-made from scratch by our staff. While many of our recipes are traditional, old-world breads, we’re always looking for new ways to incorporate fresh, seasonal ingredients and new baking techniques.

News Seasons Market employee taking out freshly baked baguettes.

Pastries & Cakes

Buttery, flakey, cakey or crumbly, we love filling our pastries with seasonal delights from local farms. In addition to baking our own tasty sweets, we source lots of inventive confections from local patisseries.

Cakes: Local neighborhood bakeries produce many of the cakes sold in our stores. That way we can offer an amazing variety of unique cakes made with quality ingredients.

Pies: Our pies come from Willamette Valley Pie Co. in Salem, Oregon. We carry three of their amazing flavors year-round (apple, marionberry and cherry) and a new seasonal pie each month.

Cupcakes: Rubicon Bakery in Richmond, CA (a fellow B Corp Certified company), produces our amazing cupcakes in tons of decadent flavors. And they do it without using any artificial colors or preservatives.

Customer Faves

Image of Organic Sourdough Organic Sourdough: This classic vegan loaf is made with our secret sourdough starter dating back to 1849. Image of Beloved Banana Cake New Seasons Market Beloved Banana Cake made with layers of fresh hand-cut banana and dreamy mascarpone whipped cream Image of Olive Ciabatta Olive Ciabatta: Juicy Kalamata olives dot this traditional Italian bread with a chewy crust and airy interior.

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