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We want to be the ultimate neighborhood grocery store. That means creating the best shopping experience possible. One that is easy, fun to shop, and genuinely friendly. It means providing you with the best mix of products, from Frosted Flakes to free-range chicken. It means building a market for local and regional products and supporting family farms. It means giving back to our community, and creating a progressive workplace where our staff can thrive.

We believe in taking care of our customers, and each other. We are champions of a healthy regional food system. We strive to build community inside and outside our stores. We embrace diversity and other points of view.

Ten to 15 years down the road: we want to have more stores just like the ones you know and love us for today. We will always be your neighborhood grocery store, providing “friendliest store in town” service every day. We want to empower customers to vote with their dollars and support positive change. We want to be an active participant in a regional food shed that is healthy and economically viable. And we want to be one of best companies to work for in the Northwest.

1. Be friendly

We’re the friendliest store in town, so we’re looking for the friendliest people to join our team.

2. Be flexible

We are a retail grocery chain. That means we’re open seven days a week, from early morning to late at night, including most holidays.

3. Be Focused

Only apply for jobs that:
You are interested in
You are qualified for
Are at the stores you’re willing to work

4. Be a good candidate

Read and understand all job qualifications
Tell us your compelling story with a complete profile and your resume


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Job Listings


Job Listings