old is new again
take a seat, watch the world go by
Reserve your holiday feast
history is here
glowing from within

The past is present
in this charming neighborhood

We make every inch count in this classic, old-fashioned grocery store.

In fact, back in the 70's it was a Piggly Wiggly. We even kept the original sign. A truly friendly, neighborhood store, you'll find everything you need here. There's even a snack counter with a row of vintage bar stools by the window. Grab a sandwich, salad or soup in the deli and do a little people watching. It's one of the best seats in the neighborhood. 

Everything you need is right here.

  • Check out our excellent selection of wine!
  • Pick up a nice gift in our Home Goods department.
  • Free smiles and hellos daily at our Solutions counter.

We like to think of ourselves as the little-store-that-could. 

Our in-store benefits are so well-supported they are known for bringing in the highest donations of all our stores. Our customers' donations saved Sellwood Middle School's music program. In return, their steel drum and jazz band performed at our store. Now that's music to our ears!

Our store's Green Team often partners with the Johnson Creek Watershed Council doing trail maintenance. And our staff participates in the SMILE (Sellwood-Moreland Improvement League) program, furthering discussion about the Sellwood Bridge, community development and zoning. 

As proud supporters of Loaves & Fishes, the Meals-On-Wheels people, we help make weekly deliveries of food and conversation to seniors in our neighborhood. 

Looking for a donation for your neighborhood organization?

  • Please stop by the store and speak with the Community Coordinator.
  • Thanks for all you do to help the Sellwood community.

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  • 2 days ago - @pamrollins_ Sorry we didn't see this before. We do indeed sell the dressing. Ask any deli clerk and they'll package it up. :)
  • 2 days ago - @shoutabyss That sounds less than best. Please email talktous@newseasonsmarket.com and we'll make it right, and then some.
  • 2 days ago - @TPELL2000 We're happy to sample out any bread you're curious about. Just bring it to the solutions counter or ask a baker. Yum!