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This is not your average deli. For starters, our chefs prepare everything themselves. We use the best of what's fresh, local and often organic to create delicious dishes you'll come back for again and again. From our famous kale & carrot salad to our sumptuous pulled pork sandwich or salmon cakes made with wild, line-caught salmon and freshly made soups, pastas, salads and sandwiches, there's always something to tantalize your taste buds. Enjoy a wide selection of restaurant quality dishes without the restaurant price, and try our catering menu, too.

Katmandu Foods

Salem, OR

Starting Shiba Foods was a dream-come-true for Shiba and Krishna Battarai, and we’re humbled by their suggestion that we helped make it happen. Healthy cooking is a passion of Shiba’s, who started supplying us with a line of curry pastes and chutneys in 2009.  Our customers instantly fell in love with the authentic flavors of her products. Shiba and her husband Krishna craft spice combinations for each product from scratch, using only the highest-quality ingredients. “Her products are so good because of the ingredients she uses—Shiba is never willing to compromise,” says our Merchandising Director Jamie Powell.

Based in Salem, OR, Katmandu Foods also provides us with handmade samosas, in addition to seasonal sauces for many of our specialty deli dishes. Look for the Shiba’s product line in our grocery department, and for her amazing samosas in our delis. Our very own Krista Anderson recommends Shiba's Popping Seeds. "Mix it in with vegetables, rice or potatoes for that perfect finishing touch," she says.

 Visit their website

Winter Green Farms

Noti, OR

There’s a reason why the organic basil-parsley pesto we use in our Deli is so delicious. It’s made with love and succulent leaves harvested at their peak. They’re then washed and pureed with organic extra virgin olive oil and blended with other fine natural ingredients. Yum! Winter Green Farms also grows a wide variety of crops available through their Community Supported Agriculture program and at neighborhood farmers markets. 

Olympic Provisions

Portland, OR

Founder Elias Cairo spent years refining his curing skills in Europe, and lucky for us, he decided to put his training to use here in Portland. The salami, sausage, and charcuterie that OP produces are incomparable, and with one taste, you just might be hooked.

Visit Olympic Provisions online.

Bowery Bagels

Portland, OR

Michael Madigan has always dreamed of creating and selling the kind of bagels he remembers from his childhood in New York City. Today, he’s realized his goal with Bowery Bagels, a company that prides itself on using the best ingredients, hiring locally, and taking care of its employees and customers. Bowery’s chewy boiled bagels are available in their Old Town location on NW Broadway, and now at all twelve New Seasons Markets! We can’t wait for you to discover the bagel that everyone’s talking about—stop by our Deli for yours!

Visit their website. 

Diestel Family Turkey Ranch

Sonora, CA

In 1949, using the knowledge gained from working on his Uncle Ernest's ranch, Jack Diestel, began his own turkey ranch in Sonora, California. Today, Jack’s son Tim and his family continue the tradition of naturally growing range turkeys in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, using the same time-honored methods. The turkeys are free to roam and breathe the crisp mountain air, are fed an all-vegetarian diet, and are free of hormones and antibiotics, resulting in pure, old-fashioned turkey flavor.

Catch of the Sea

Yamhill, OR

At Catch of the Sea, each fish is individually caught on a hook and line, carefully landed on their boat, and quickly frozen at sea to preserve flavor and nutritional value. Their unique "fresh pack" canning process preserves the flavor and fatty acids often missing from other canned seafood. We carry their tuna because it is always firm and white, with a clean, mild flavor. 


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