Partner Fund Overview

Keeping local business growing by removing barriers

Low-interest loans and support for underserved community members and their businesses is what Partner Fund is all about. Our mission-based loan program prioritizes BIPOC, women, immigrant, and LGBTQIA+ owners — folks often denied traditional lending. Partner Brand product sales fuel it, and we’re always reinvesting for future funding. Our aim: a more inclusive and equitable regional food economy.


We want to get you the funding you need to ensure long-term business growth and success. If you’ve had trouble qualifying for traditional loans because of debt, low credit, or another reason, Partner Fund might provide the flexibility and support you need. We award loans four times a year.


Since its launch, Partner Fund has distributed over $250,000 in low-interest loans to local business owners in support of their critical business needs — everything from purchasing production equipment to branding. We believe in prioritizing people and paying it forward fairly and transparently.