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This is where the magic happens, folks! Fresh, seasonal goodness is what we do best. It’s in our name! From snap peas and asparagus in spring, to apples and squash in fall, and everything in between. When it comes to organic, non-GMO produce, we source the best local bounty we can find. Often directly from the farm to you!


Peak of the Season

Don’t let the “stinging” part deter you—nettles are a must-have for your spring shopping list. These locally foraged, nutrient-dense greens are excellent in pestos, soups, pastas and grain bowls—and blanching them to neutralize the stingers is easier than you think.

1) Bring a large pot of generously salted water to a boil.
2) Using tongs, place nettles into boiling water. Leave in water until they wilt, approximately 30 seconds.
3) Drain nettles in colander, and then dunk in an ice bath until fully cooled.
4) Drain again and squeeze out any excess liquid. Voilà!

4-panel image of instructions for blanching stinging nettles

Recipes from our Farmer’s Table

We love our farmers. When a new crop comes in, we love to sit down with the grower and pick their brains. So we put together Farmer’s Table, a collection of scrumptious recipes directly from our produce partners. Because nobody knows your veggies better than the people who grew them!

Ratto Family’s Pesto. See Recipe>>Durst Organic Farm’s Marinated Citrus and Garlic Asparagus. See Recipe>>Klamath Basin Fresh Organic’s Huckleberry Gold Potatoes. See Recipe>>

Sneak a Peek

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