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The Northwest is known for growing some of the best cherries in the country. But did you know these sweet, plump lovelies are packed with heart healthy antioxidants and nutrients?

Their red pigmentation comes from anthocyanins, plant compounds that act as antioxidants and have been shown to be cardio protective. They’re a good source of potassium, and studies have linked cherries with anti-inflammatory benefits.

Find out more about antioxidant rich foods and a whole lot more on our Nutrition page.

Santina - Medium sized with a heart shape, they have a lustrous skin and mild flavor. (16-18% fruit sugar) Coral Champagne - Large and firm with bright pinkish-red skin and a sweet flavor, barely any tartness. (17-19% fruit sugar) Chelan - Pacific Northwest grown, they have a mahogany red skin and sweet flavor. (16-18% fruit sugar) Private Reserve - Maryhill Farms keep the true variety of these delicious, dark red beauties a company secret. (17-19% fruit sugar) Bing - These well-known cherries have a rich, sweet flavor and a firm texture. (17-19% fruit sugar) Brooks - These large beauties mature early in the season and have a rich flavor. (17-19% fruit sugar) Black Pearl - An early cherry with exceptionally firm flesh and a lot of robust sweetness. (17-20% fruit sugar) Rainier - Golden yellow with a red blush, they’re super sweet and delicate in flavor. (17-23% fruit sugar)


Recipes from our Farmer’s Table

We love our farmers. When a new crop comes in, we love to sit down with the grower and pick their brains. So we put together Farmer’s Table, a collection of scrumptious recipes directly from our produce partners. Because nobody knows your fruits and veggies better than the people who grew them!

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