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At your friendly neighborhood grocery store, you can find everything from pasture eggs and organic baby food to Frosted Flakes and Coca-Cola in our aisles. We're here to please the whole family. If you don't see something on our shelves, just ask us — we'll do our best to get it for you. 

Champoeg Farm

St. Paul, Oregon

Owned by Mark and Catherine Anderson, Champoeg Farm in St. Paul, Oregon, has been in operation since 1856. The Andersons raise happy chickens on lush pasture with at least 15 feet of foraging space for each and every bird. The chickens are moved to a fresh area of the pasture twice a week, which is good for the hungry birds and the land. Eggs are harvested every evening, and are delivered days after they are laid for best flavor and greatest nutrition.

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Meet Our Egg Producers

Egg lovers will find a lot to like in our selection, where the goods from local egg farms sit fresh and ready for any recipe. In addition to Stiebrs and Wilcox, we’re pleased to also offer eggs from four small farms. These are the same hand-gathered, pasture-raised eggs you’ll find at local farmers markets. Look for crates from one of these producers at your neighborhood store. 

Please note that not all varieties are available in all stores.

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Phoenix’s Egg Farm

Portland, Oregon

Located in Northwest Portland, Phoenix’s Egg Farm is the only registered egg farm within the city limits. Owners Souriya, Sophin, and Phoenix Khamvongsa are involved in every step of the egg-producing process, from raising the chickens to gathering and packaging their eggs (most of which are certified organic by Oregon Tilth). Their chickens range within two and a half acres of urban bliss, and thanks to an onsite garden, their diet is supplemented by organic greens, sunflowers, and fruits —even pumpkins in the fall!

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Inspiration Plantation

Ridgefield, Washington

Matt and Jen Schwab founded Inspiration Plantation in Ridgefield, Washington in 2009. The Schwabs employ many organic practices — their hormone– and antibiotic–free chickens are allowed to pasture freely, scratching the ground and foraging for tasty insects, which means their eggs are rich in healthy Omega fats. In addition to their foraging, the chickens are fed a locally milled, certified organic, GMO-free feed. 

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The Country Egg

Eagle Creek, Oregon

The latest to join our flock of producers is The Country Egg in Eagle Creek, Oregon. With the help of their three boys, Mark and Paula DiSimone, are raising happy hens who lay a variety of beautiful eggs that range in size, shape and color, including, blue, green, speckled, pink and cream. Their girls graze freely outdoors in fresh air all day, and thrive on a diet that’s supplemented with local grains, alfalfa, oats, five-grain scratch, oyster shell, grit, fruits and vegetables. Their hormone-free, antibiotic-free eggs can be found at our Happy Valley store. 



Portland, OR

When longtime Portlander Susan Hall first started visiting her in-laws in North Carolina, her favorite discovery was a traditional Southern snack called cheese straws. She even asked her new family to ship them to her by the boxful when she got back home. But this former techie knew she could engineer something even better. After months of tinkering—increasing the cheese ratio, upping the crunchability—she developed the snack she’d come to call Chedz, which was to a cheese straw what a Ferrari is to a Model T. Her neighbors, and her neighbors’ kids, started using words like “addictive” “mind-blowing” and “nomnomnom.” When Susan came to us with her creation we were mighty proud to be the first major grocer to stock them. And now those in-laws in North Carolina? Now they’re the ones asking Susan to send them boxfuls of Chedz.

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Classic Foods

Portland, OR

In the heart of Portland’s Woodlawn neighborhood, Classic Foods’ chef and founder Jake Greenberg is quietly creating small-batch artisanal pasta that rivals Europe’s finest. “I must have toured nearly every pasta factory in Northern Italy,” he tells us, “looking for the perfect equipment.” He found it in the renowned Capitani machines that are lovingly maintained in Classic’s sunlit kitchen. Traditional sheet pasta is cut and hung on wooden racks, while fresh thyme and oregano are harvested from Greenberg’s own on-site herb garden. Long the choice of Portland’s high-end restaurants, Classic’s pasta and ravioli are now available in your own kitchen as New Seasons Market’s house brand of fresh pasta.

Columbia Gorge Organics

Hood River, OR

In the mid-seventies, Cheryl and Ron Stewart pursued a lifelong dream of launching an orchard in the Pacific Northwest. After packing up their three kids and life in California, they left to nestle on a 95-acre farm in Hood River. Nearly four decades later, the family’s second generation has grown the company from whole-fruit orchard sales to distributing their top-quality juice in 30 states, using fruit sourced from regional farms. Columbia Gorge Organics is a leading force in the local organic farming movement—and that’s why we decided to partner with them to offer our line of New Seasons Market brand organic juices, including lemonade, cherry lemonade, grapefruit juice and orange juice.

Red Duck Foods

Eugene, OR

Red Duck Ketchup is everything you remember about the tried and true condiment – elevated. The four founders – Kurt Barajas, Karen Bonner, Shannon Oliver, and Jessica Zutz Hillbert met as MBA students at the University of Oregon. They discovered a shared passion for creating their own versions of foods and beverages like salad dressings, sauces, ice cream and kombucha. When their travels abroad to Belgium, Germany and Hong Kong led them to delicious and unusual versions of their favorite childhood condiment, they got excited. By combining their business ingenuity and passion for quality, they launched Red Duck Foods with a delicious line of ketchup in flavors like classic, spicy and curry. Now you can rediscover your childhood love for ketchup on everything from burgers to stir-fry. Look for it at your favorite New Seasons Market. 

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Missionary Chocolates

Portland, OR

Missionary Chocolates began in 2008 when Melissa Berry, a naturopathic physician, was in her last year of medical school. What started out as gifts for her lactose and gluten-intolerant mother quickly became a company— Berry’s vegan, Meyer lemon truffles won first place at the Northwest Chocolate Festival. This unexpected success changed what was a home-based kitchen experiment in chocolate into a thriving company. For Melissa, the mission of the company has always been about healthcare —the goal is to build an inpatient, integrative healing center in Portland, funded by chocolate. Find Missionary Chocolates at your favorite New Seasons. 

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Gypsy Crunch Granola

Portland, OR

Before Randi Nash’s small-batch granola was ready for market, it had to meet the approval of a rigorous new product committee—her four kids! And it did, with flying colors. Originally from California, they moved Gypsy Crunch to Portland: “What better place than Portland—land of free thinkers, tree huggers and honeybee raisers—for all seven Gypsy Crunch flavors to call home.” Packed with nutrient-dense nuts, seeds, and fruits, Randi’s granola is a healthy hit at her breakfast table. Plus, it’s always made with gluten-free, all-natural, and non-GMO ingredients. Discover your favorite variety of Gypsy Crunch at any New Seasons store.  

Visit their website.

Wild Friends Foods

Portland, OR

Keeley and Erika started creating their own nut butters while they were still students at the University of Oregon; just a few years later their Wild Friends brand has found its way into the national spotlight. While this dynamic duo is best known for modern spreads like Sesame Cranberry Peanut Butter, it turns out they enjoy the classics too: we’ve now teamed up with Wild Friends to create our own line of New Seasons Market brand nut butters, combining the natural tastes of almonds or peanuts with just a touch of Jacobsen sea salt.

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Ruby Jewel

Portland, OR

Ruby Jewel introduced Portland to artisan ice cream back in 2004, when founder Lisa Herlinger began selling her delicious ice cream sandwiches. We began carrying these decadent treats in our stores back in 2006 and it’s been a perfectly sweet partnership ever since. So why exactly is her ice cream so good? It’s simple: : Lisa uses only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients from small farms and business around Portland. And this is exactly why we asked her to make our limited edition 15 Candles birthday ice cream—layers of Ruby Jewel salted caramel ice cream, slices of our own moist chocolate cake, all topped with a thick layer of rich chocolate ganache. Yum. This year, Ruby Jewel lovingly hand-packed over 9,000 pints of the delicious confection for our 15th birthday—and you can find them now at each and every New Seasons Market location.  

GloryBee Honey

Eugene, OR

For over thirty years, Dick and Pat Turanski have provided high-quality, all-natural honey to their local community. But they don’t stop there. The Turanskis are dedicated to sustainability: the couple champions honeybee research through their Save the Bee program. In addition, profits from their Aunt Patty’s label go to community food security organizations like FoodCorps and the Lane Coalition for Healthy Active Youth. Buying a jar of GloryBee honey is more than a sweet indulgence—it’s supporting a healthier food system.



Olympia, WA

Olykraut owners Sash Sunday and Summer Bock met at a vegetable CSA in 2008. Both avid food activists, the two realized they’d both attended a Wild Fermentation workshop in Olympia.

Soon they were bonding over the idea of a business that promoted the health benefits of raw fermented vegetables while supporting the local food system. The idea? Sauerkraut. The product’s health benefits are amazing: naturally fermented with no vinegar added, Olykraut’s raw and unpasteurized sauerkraut is packed with probiotics. As for supporting the food system, let’s just say this: Olykraut bought over 16,000 pounds of cabbage, onions, carrots and apples from local farmers last year. And if you ask us, that’s not just supporting the food system. That’s championing it.

EK's Crème Brûlée

Portland, OR

The mere mention of crème brûlée is bound to get a chorus of “mmmm” from any crowd. Until recently, the enjoyment of this classic French dessert was limited to restaurants or the rare home kitchen equipped with a blowtorch. Then we discovered Erin Keller. At the Get Your Recipe to Market program we lead with PCC, Erin presented a revolutionary concept—she packaged her EK’s Crème Brûlée with the caramel disk packaged away from the custard, keeping it crunchy right up until you’re ready to enjoy it. Made with organic and local ingredients, in exciting flavors like dark chocolate, salted caramel and vanilla bean, Ms. Keller is single-handedly taking this dessert to the next level—and just in time for your holiday entertaining. 

WOW Baking Company

Kent, WA

Moist, chewy cookies in all your favorite flavors…AND gluten-free? It ’s no wonder they’re named WOW. This company is a great example of the leaps in flavor, texture and quality that gluten-free foods have taken over the past few years. In their new production facility, baker Susan Howe spends hours perfecting recipes, with feedback from the hard-working and hungry staff at WOW. Their highly refined taste buds ensure that the finished products are something that will appeal to those following gluten-free diets–and even those who aren’t.

Visit their website.

Fire on the Mountain

Portland, OR

Since 2005, Fire on the Mountain (FOTM) has earned its reputation as a local favorite. This Portland-based Buffalo wing joint has some of the best sauces west of the Mississippi (River and Avenue), and we carry most of them. Try their sauces on our chicken drumettes or on a rack of ribs. You can also simply kick back with a cold beer and enjoy their fare at one of FOTM’s many Portland locations.

Visit their website.

The Kale Company

Portland, OR

When Chelsea Jolly first started seeing Chad Alan Johnson, she was thrilled to find out that he too made his own kale chips—until she tasted them. “My kale chips were waaaay better,” she tells us. “But I fell in love with him anyway. And when it came to kale, he had this genius for the technical side. He designed his own infrared dehydrators!” It wasn’t long before the pair joined forces, combining Chelsea’s recipes and Chad’s innovative techniques in a small SE Portland kitchen. Once they knew they’d created something truly special, they gave us a call—and it was our turn to fall in love. The Kale Company’s trademark flavor, Black Truffle Rosemary, is the kind of snack we could marry: we want to be around it all the time, and we know it’s actually good for us.

The Better Bean Company

Portland, OR

This local family is making a difference—while making the best beans you’ve ever tasted.

Keith Kullberg’s family has always cooked beans together. After tasting frijoles refritos in Mexico, Keith had perfected his own vegetarian recipe. “It was a day-long activity for us, whenever dad got out the pressure cooker,” says his daughter, Hannah. “During the recession,” says Keith, “my work slowed down. I took a long hike and I asked myself, What do I have to offer the world? The first thing I thought of was my beans.” By then, Hannah had earned a degree in Food Systems, and was passionate about beans for different reasons—she saw an opportunity to provide fresh, healthy food from local farms, and to pioneer sustainable packaging. The Kullbergs’ family business, The Better Bean, is now doing just that. We’re proud that they’ve joined us in becoming a B Corp—a third-party certification awarded to companies using the power of business for good.

Visit their website.


Grocery Stories Podcast: Nancy's Yogurt

Find out why Nancy's Yogurt is a long-time Northwest favorite. Grocery Stories is an interactive podcast produced and conceived by guest artists Nolan Calisch and Molly Sherman, PSU MFA in Social Practice students

Listen to the podcast.

About the Artists

Nolan Calisch is a photographer currently earning his MFA from Portland State University's Art and Social Practice Program. He lives on his organic farm near Portland, Oregon where he grows food for 30 families through a CSA (community supported agriculture) program. 

Molly Sherman is an artist and designer living in Portland, Oregon. She is also a co-director of Farm School. As a designer, she has worked with a wide range of clients including the Hammer Museum and Portland Art Museum. Molly is currently an MFA candidate in Portland State University's Art and Social Practice Program.

Nolan and Molly are the co-founders and co-directors of Farm School, an ongoing series of projects that bring together site-specific learning, art, and agriculture.


What do onion skins, coffee and dill seeds have in common? 

They can all be used to create gorgeous egg dyes!

Celebrate au naturel this Easter and use egg dyes you can find in your own pantry. 

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