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At your friendly neighborhood grocery store, you can find everything from pasture eggs and organic baby food to Frosted Flakes and Coca-Cola in our aisles. We're here to please the whole family. If you don't see something on our shelves, just ask us — we'll do our best to get it for you. 

The Kale Company

Portland, OR

When Chelsea Jolly first started seeing Chad Alan Johnson, she was thrilled to find out that he too made his own kale chips—until she tasted them. “My kale chips were waaaay better,” she tells us. “But I fell in love with him anyway. And when it came to kale, he had this genius for the technical side. He designed his own infrared dehydrators!” It wasn’t long before the pair joined forces, combining Chelsea’s recipes and Chad’s innovative techniques in a small SE Portland kitchen. Once they knew they’d created something truly special, they gave us a call—and it was our turn to fall in love. The Kale Company’s trademark flavor, Black Truffle Rosemary, is the kind of snack we could marry: we want to be around it all the time, and we know it’s actually good for us.


Portland, OR

Candy doesn’t get more local than Jami Curl’s QUIN. Her lollipops, gumdrops and caramels are crafted lovingly by hand—there’s no Oompa Loompas in her downtown Portland kitchen. Jami’s been dreaming of making or eating candy her whole life. But she’ll be the firs­t to admit there’s still a bit of mystery behind the business of making candy. “As the building blocks of QUIN were being put into place, I felt so lucky that something I love so much could be my job,” says Jami. “But the first time I made a lollipop I could not believe it—it was so magical and wizard-like!”

 We’re thrilled to bring QUIN’s world of imagination to all 13 New Seasons Market stores. And Jami—who calls New Seasons her market of choice—feels the same way. “I’m still pinching myself…I can’t wait to roll my son past the QUIN Candy and watch his mouth fall open in awe!”

 Our selection will feature everything from blackberry tangerine gumdrops to her famous mouth-watering, fruity Dreams Come Chew candies. The best part? QUIN candy uses as many high-quality regional ingredients as possible. Like in her Best of Oregon caramels, which pair sweet Bee Local Honey with Jacobsen Sea Salt flakes harvested on the Oregon Coast and hazelnuts from a farm just outside Portland. And that’s not just local—to us, that’s hyper-local. And hyper-good.

Water Avenue Coffee

Portland, OR

Water Avenue’s goal is simple: to have the finest, freshest coffee available. How? “We stay intimate with our coffee. We want to know it,” says co-owner Brandon Smyth. It’s about relationships: from bean farmers to baristas, the Water Avenue philosophy is holistic, viewing every step of the chain as a vital part of the process. That’s why they’ll work with farmers in El Salvador on sustainable practices to save rare Bourbon coffee trees from the deadly Roya fungus — and why they’ll bring baristas to South America to show them the harvesting process. “Everyone is part of the final product,” says Brandon. “I’ve been extremely lucky to work with honest, good and hard-working people and farmers, and that’s a big part of our success.”

Visit their website.

Bob’s Red Mill

Milwaukie, OR

Oddly enough, Bob’s Red Mill was founded after Bob Moore had retired. In the 1970s, he and his wife had left their California flourmill behind for a peaceful retirement in Oregon, but the “For Sale” sign on an old mill was too much to resist. Bob quickly built a business run by a tight-knit family of employees, and Bob’s has since become an Oregon institution. It’s one of our favorite sources for top-notch, carefully packaged beans, grains, cereals, mixes and gluten-free foods.

Visit their website.

Wild Friends Nut Butter

Eugene, OR

Created by Keeley and Erika, two University of Oregon students whose near-empty pantry sparked innovation, these nut butters pack a unique punch! With flavorful ingredients like espresso powder, coconut and pretzels to choose from, you’re sure to find a new favorite spread for your bread. With its grassroots beginning, Wild Friends Nut Butter is yet another Oregon-based small business we’re pleased to support as it continues to grow. Congratulations Keeley and Erika!

Visit their website.

Ruby Jewel

Portland, OR

Founded by Lisa Herlinger-Esco in 2004, Ruby Jewel is a local gem. Their all-natural ice cream sandwiches have a loyal following, and for good reason. Sustainably made with only the freshest local ingredients, their treats are simply extraordinary. We love working with Ruby Jewel not only for their use of local, handmade ingredients and their commitment to sustainability, but also because of the quality of their products.  

Visit their website.

Kale Country

Portland, OR

Pacific Northwest Kale Chips is a certified B Corp working directly with local farmers. Sound familiar?

Kale chips: suddenly, it’s hard to imagine how we ever got by without this dark, leafy snack. The brand our customers call for the loudest? Pacific Northwest Kale Chips, in all their distinctively Northwestern flavors. Founded by Bend native Sara Poole, this is a company deeply connected to the regional food economy, sourcing directly from many of the same local farms that we do. What’s more, they’ve made giving back to their communities a priority, donating 10% of their profits after taxes—just like a certain local grocery store. It’s easy to see why they’ve already joined New Seasons Market in becoming a certified B Corporation—a third-party certification awarded to companies using the power of business for good. But what about the chips themselves, which include ingredients like Oregon hazelnuts or sriracha? We have three words for them: Oh. My. Goodness.

Visit their website.

Better Beans

Portland, OR

This local family is making a difference—while making the best beans you’ve ever tasted.

Keith Kullberg’s family has always cooked beans together. After tasting frijoles refritos in Mexico, Keith had perfected his own vegetarian recipe. “It was a day-long activity for us, whenever dad got out the pressure cooker,” says his daughter, Hannah. “During the recession,” says Keith, “my work slowed down. I took a long hike and I asked myself, What do I have to offer the world? The first thing I thought of was my beans.” By then, Hannah had earned a degree in Food Systems, and was passionate about beans for different reasons—she saw an opportunity to provide fresh, healthy food from local farms, and to pioneer sustainable packaging. The Kullbergs’ family business, The Better Bean, is now doing just that. We’re proud that they’ve joined us in becoming a B Corp—a third-party certification awarded to companies using the power of business for good.

Visit their website.

Happy Cup

Portland, OR

At this Northeast Portland coffee company founded in 2012, small-batch coffee is roasted, weighed, and hand-packed for a great cause. In addition to offering top-notch beans worthy of any coffee connoisseur’s mug, Happy Cup creates competitive-wage work for adults with disabilities at their Northeast Sandy Boulevard roasting facility, and donates 100% of proceeds to create recreational activities and social engagement for the local disabled community. From labeling the recycled-paper packages and adding twist ties, to serving coffee at farmers’ markets, Happy Cup’s employees learn work skills that enable them to play an active role in the workforce — a necessary step for the 78% of unemployed adults with disabilities. What’s more, Happy Cup’s mission of empowerment and equality extends beyond the Pacific Northwest, reaching small farms where beans are ethically sourced through humanitarian-based Kabum Coffee. With every pound of Happy Cup coffee purchased, java lovers are part of a truly inspiring chain of Home Grown compassion for “people with potential.” We’ll drink to that!

Visit their website.


Grocery Stories Podcast: Nancy's Yogurt

Find out why Nancy's Yogurt is a long-time Northwest favorite. Grocery Stories is an interactive podcast produced and conceived by guest artists Nolan Calisch and Molly Sherman, PSU MFA in Social Practice students

Listen to the podcast.

About the Artists

Nolan Calisch is a photographer currently earning his MFA from Portland State University's Art and Social Practice Program. He lives on his organic farm near Portland, Oregon where he grows food for 30 families through a CSA (community supported agriculture) program. 

Molly Sherman is an artist and designer living in Portland, Oregon. She is also a co-director of Farm School. As a designer, she has worked with a wide range of clients including the Hammer Museum and Portland Art Museum. Molly is currently an MFA candidate in Portland State University's Art and Social Practice Program.

Nolan and Molly are the co-founders and co-directors of Farm School, an ongoing series of projects that bring together site-specific learning, art, and agriculture.


What do onion skins, coffee and dill seeds have in common? 

They can all be used to create gorgeous egg dyes!

Celebrate au naturel this Easter and use egg dyes you can find in your own pantry. 

Download the PDF on the left for techniques and a list of ingredients for every color of the rainbow — and beyond.


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