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Have you ever tasted a tangy Oregon Blue cheese from Rogue Creamery? Or how about a creamy River's Edge Goat Cheese? You'll love our local and international selections that change with the seasons. Even if all those cheeses look the same to you, we can help you find the perfect pairing. We carry everything from Tillamook Cheddar for burgers on the grill to just what you need for a well-rounded fruit and cheese tray. Stop by for a taste, we're happy to help you. 

Rivers Edge Chèvre

Logsden, OR

At its artisan goat-cheese dairy nestled in the Oregon Coast Range, Rivers Edge Chèvre is an enthusiastic champion of handmade cheese. They milk each goat and make the cheese in small batches. Happily frolicking on the Siletz River banks, their goats are strong producers. River's Edge also offers tortes, tommes and washed-rind cheeses. 

The Rogue Creamery

Central, OR

Cheese, glorious cheese — for everyone to enjoy. Rogue Smokey Blue is the first recognized smoked blue in the world and Rogue River Blue was the first raw milk cheese to be exported from the U.S. to France. Over 30 years ago, David Gremmels and Cary Bryant were handpicked by Ig Vella to run his family’s creamery. And we thank him from the bottom of our stomachs. 

Black Sheep Creamery

Adna, Washington

It’s said that true artisans succeed because they do one thing and do it well.

The artisans at Black Sheep Creamery have certainly mastered their one thing: sheep.

One of only a few sheep’s milk creameries in the Pacific Northwest, the Black Sheep farm in Adna, Washington has been in operation for over a century. Once used as a hop farm and cow pasture, Meg and Brad Gregory have turned its rolling green pastures into a paradise for grazing sheep, and have handcrafted cheese from their rich, sweet milk since 2005. The Gregory family launched into sheep farming due to their son’s sensitivity to cow’s milk, and what started as a family necessity has become an award-winning line of fresh and aged sheep’s milk cheeses known for their nutty earthiness and savory complexity. Sheep’s milk cheese has more than twice the butterfat of cow’s milk and goat’s milk, and boasts the highest protein content of the three. Protein and butterfat are the keys to cheese’s complex flavor, so Black Sheep is a must-try for any true cheese lover. Meg delivers the cheese herself to New Seasons Market stores each week, which means our Cheese Department is the place to find the freshest sheep’s cheese in the region.

Visit their website.

Willapa Hills Cheese

Doty, Washington

Ten years ago, founders Amy Turnbull and Stephen Hueffed made a radical departure from life as they knew it. They left behind bright city lights, traffic, and office jobs—to launch a sustainable dairy farm nestled in the banks of the Chehalis River. With four kids, two helpful grandmas, and a happy flock of dairy sheep, Willapa Hills is more than a business—it’s a three-generation homestead. A deep commitment to sustainability drives their practices, from nutrient management and erosion control to supporting community programs and processing their own hay. Today, the passion for their craft is in their product: from creamy spreads to semi-soft aged varieties, Willapa Hills cheese is truly delicious. 

Visit their website.

Don Froylan

Albany, Oregon

Award-winning cheesemaker Francisco Ochoa and his wife, Lisa, sell their cheeses out of their queseria in Albany under the name Don Froylan in honor of Francisco’s father, who dreamed of owning a cheese factory.

Ochoa's Queseria

Albany, OR

Award-winning cheese maker Francisco Ochoa now crafts seven Mexican-style cheeses based on his family’s recipes. He’s been making cheese since he was a teenager. Now he and his wife Lisa sell handcrafted cheeses out of their Queseria in Albany under the name Don Froylan, in honor of Francisco’s father, who dreamed of owning his own cheese factory. They are truly amazing.

Albina City Nuts

Portland, OR

When you spend your days surrounded by cheese, it’s only natural to daydream about the foods that pair best with it. Scott was managing a cheese department at New Seasons Market, and was inspired by the bounty of hazelnuts that Oregon produces. Scott and his wife, driven by their passion for local foods and their recognition of a great opportunity, turned their idea into a successful business. Now, Albina City Nuts are available in all of our stores in an assortment of flavors and varieties. Try them and see what all the fuss is about!

Visit their website.



Grocery Stories Podcast: Black Sheep Creamery

Out of Western Washington comes some of the Pacific Northwest's best-tasting sheep's milk cheese. Black Sheep Creamery is a small, family run operation that handcrafts sheep mlk cheeses from the milk of Rideau-Arcott and East Friesian sheep

Listen to the podcast.

Visit the Black Sheep Creamery website.

Grocery Stories is an interactive podcast series produced and conceived by guest artists Nolan Calisch and Molly Sherman, Portland State University MFA in Social Practice students. This podcast was installed in the Cheese department of our Progress Ridge store in May 2012. We hope you enjoy it!

About the Artists

Nolan Calisch is a photographer currently earning his MFA from Portland State University's Art and Social Practice Program. He lives on his organic farm near Portland, Oregon where he grows food for 30 families through a CSA (community supported agriculture) program. 

Molly Sherman is an artist and designer living in Portland, Oregon. She is also a co-director of Farm School. As a designer, she has worked with a wide range of clients including the Hammer Museum and Portland Art Museum. Molly is currently an MFA candidate in Portland State University's Art and Social Practice Program.

Nolan and Molly are the co-founders and co-directors of Farm School, an ongoing series of projects that bring together site-specific learning, art, and agriculture.


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