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We’re all about making it super easy and stress-free for you to shop with us. Whether you are working from home and can’t get away, out running errands on a time crunch, or simply not in the mood to wrangle a shopping cartwe can help. Opt for quick-and-easy delivery to your dooror take it curbside with convenient pickup at select locationsWe also have New Seasons gift cards for all of your favorite people.  

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Grocery Delivery

Shop online and get all of your New Seasons favorites delivered right to your door—sometimes in as little as an hour after placing your order.

a smiling staff member wearing a backwards baseball hat and pushing full bags of groceries in a shopping cart in the store parking lot.

Curbside Pickup

Maybe you’ll be out and about but with zero time to cruise the grocery aisles? Hello, curbside pickup. Let us know when you arrive at the store and we’ll bring your groceries out to you.

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Create a Shopping List

Planning to shop in-store this week? Create an online shopping list for easy reference. And if the week gets away from you, your list easily converts to delivery or store curbside pickup.

New Seasons Gift Cards

Share your love of New Seasons with friends and family. Simply select the type of card you want (digital or hold-it-in-your-hands) plus the amount, and we’ll email or mail it to your lucky gift recipient.


New Seasons Market gift cards with the words "good food brings us together" and "celebrate deliciously" placed on a table with a blue towel underneath.


How do I place a grocery delivery or pickup order?

You can use New Seasons Online (shop.newseasonsmarket.com) or Instacart to place a delivery or pickup order. If you prefer to use Doordash we offer delivery through their service.

To browse or place an order, visit New Seasons Online at shop.newseasonsmarket.com. On our main website, there are many ways to navigate to New Seasons Online; any links to the Weekly Ad, for example, will take you to New Seasons Online's shoppable page of this week's sales. 

Although the New Seasons Online platform leverages the technology and convenience of Instacart, your New Seasons Online account will be different from your Instacart account. That said, you can still shop with us through the Instacart website and/or app, if you prefer.

  • If you have a general question about New Seasons Online, please contact us at talktous@newseasonsmarket.com
  • If you have a question about an order you placed through the Instacart website or app, you can contact Instacart by emailing them at help@instacart.com or calling 888-246-7822.
  • If you have a question about a Doordash order please visit help.doordash.com  or, from the app, select the account logo on the bottom right of the screen and scroll down to "Get Help". You can also contact the Doordash support line at: 1-855-431-0459.
If you have further questions, or would like an overview of our online shopping experience, check out our Shop Overview here!

How is New Seasons Online different from Instacart or the Instacart App?

Although our new platform leverages the technology and convenience of Instacart, your New Seasons Online account will be a separate from your Instacart account. You can still shop with us through the Instacart website and app, if you prefer.

How do I connect my Instacart+ membership to New Seasons Online orders?

We honor all of the benefits of your Instacart+ membership on New Seasons Online, such as free delivery on orders $35 or more and 5% credit back on pickup orders. To connect your account, follow the instructions below:

1. If you haven't already, you must create a New Seasons Online account (this is separate from your Instacart account). To do this, go to www.newseasonsmarket.com, click "Log In / Register" in the top right corner, and follow the prompts from there.

2. Once you've created an account, navigate to shop.newseasonsmarket.com and click on My "Profile."  

3. Once on the account page, click the button on the right to "Import Account Info," which will take you to an Instacart website.

4. Log in to Instacart and follow the prompts to connect your Instacart+ membership with New Seasons Online. 

Once you do this, your Instacart+ benefits will be enabled! 

Can I get my senior or military discount on delivery or pickup orders?

Unfortunately, the systems we use for online orders are unable to apply senior or military discounts at this time. 

Do I earn Neighbor Rewards points on my delivery/pickup orders?

Yes!* If you are shopping with us on New Seasons Online (shop.newseasonsmarket.com) or on Instacart or the Instacart app - see more details below. *Doordash orders do not receive Neighbor Rewards points at this time. 

  • If you're shopping on New Seasons Online, all earned points will be automatically applied to your account without any additional action.  
  • If you're shopping through Instacart's website or app and you already have a Neighbor Rewards account, simply enter your Neighbor Rewards number into the “card number” box below your order total at checkout on the Instacart site. You can also enter your Neighbor Rewards number under “loyalty cards” in your Instacart account.
    • If you don’t already have a Neighbor Rewards account, sign up here and start earning points!
NOTE: Unfortunately, although you can earn points with online orders, the systems we use for online orders do not support the redemption of Neighbor Rewards $5 rewards or offers at this time.  

Can I use a New Seasons gift card to pay for my delivery or pickup order?

Unfortunately, New Seasons Online does not have the capability to accept New Seasons gift cards at this time. Gift cards must be redeemed in-store.

New Seasons gift cards are not redeemable on the Instacart website or app as it is a third party site and only able to accept Instacart gift cards.
If you would like to purchase an Instacart e-gift card go to Instacart.com and 1) Login or Create an Account, 2) click on the Account menu at the top right corner of the screen, and 3) select “Buy Gift Card”.
If you have questions or need assistance you can contact Instacart by emailing them at help@instacart.com or calling 888-246-7822.

New Seasons gift cards are not redeemable on the Doordash website or app as it is a third party site and only able to accept Doordash gift cards. 

If you would like to purchase a Doordash gift card, go to https://www.doordash.com/gift-cards for more information.


How do I check my gift card balance?

For physical gift cards, check the back for the number to call. 

For e-gift cards, the email you received contains a link you can use to check your balance online at any time. 

Why doesn’t my New Seasons Market gift card work for my Delivery or Pickup order online?

We work with Instacart & Doordash to fulfill our Delivery and Pickup orders. Only Instacart Gift Cards work on the Instacart site, and only Doordash Gift Cards work on Doordash.

What is the most I can purchase at a time?

The limit per gift card is $500, and you may purchase a max of $2,000 in gift cards within one transaction.

Why didn't I receive my e-gift card?

Check your spam or junk folder for your gift card email. If after two hours you haven't received your e-gift card, please email giftcards@newseasonsmarket.com to make sure the correct email address was typed in.

Where can I reload my gift card?

To reload your New Seasons gift card with additional funds, take it into any store. e-Gift cards can't be reloaded at this time.

Can you replace my card if it is lost or stolen?

Unfortunately gift cards are like cash—and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.