The Tasty Thread Podcast

The Tasty Thread Podcast by New Seasons Market

The Tasty Thread is a brand new podcast brought to you by your friends at New Seasons Market in Portland, Oregon. We explore the lesser known connections in the local food economy and how we all play a meaningful part. We’ll visit Oregon farmers, chat with Pacific Northwest food producers and follow the journey of how delicious, seasonal produce and small-batch goods from local vendors make their way to your grocery basket.

Tune in to explore simple and curiously insightful topics such as what really makes food “quality,” why is paying attention to seasonality so darn important, and who are the people behind the products that end up on your dinner table (and in your body)?  And, we’ll gain a better understanding of the role we play—as your neighborhood market— in all of this.

Together we discover how intricately connected we are to the land, our food and most importantly— to each other. In short, we discover what it means to be a good neighbor (and a good eater). Honestly, you won’t look at food—and your relationship with it—the same again. 

Each episode is short, sweet with just enough bite and depth to foster a deeper understanding of the thread that weaves through the local food economy and creates the beautiful tapestry that is our community.

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Podcast Episodes

Episode 4: New Seasons Market Partner Brand = Private Label with a Purpose!

October 12, 2020 — The New Seasons Market Partner Brand collaborates with local vendors bringing you hundreds of delicious products while also supporting our regional food economy. And unlike traditional private label programs, we want you to know who makes the products! So much so, that it’s right on the front of every package. Think of it as a ‘private label’ with a purpose.

In this episode, we’ll chat with a longtime Partner Brand chip and tortilla producer Don Pancho Mexican Foods and hear about the new Mac and Cheese collaboration with Rallenti Pasta.

Plus, we’ll meet Elsy Dinvil of Creole Me Up, a recipient of the New Seasons Partner Fund, a micro-loan program supporting small Pacific Northwest food makers.

Episode 3: Pandemic Partnerships – How New Seasons Market is Helping Local Vendors

June 23, 2020 — For the last four months, people around the country have seen their lives change during the global pandemic. With national supply chain disruptions and the breakdown in parts of the food system, New Seasons Market quickly realizes how crucial support is in uplifting the local food economy in Portland, Oregon.

In this episode, we’re highlighting three Portland vendors who’ve transitioned their business in the wake of the pandemic. From a new relationship with the iconic Portland restaurant Renata to Straightaway Cocktails pivoting to make hand sanitizer. Even Partner Brand pasta maker Rallenti upped their game to help keep the shelves stocked.  All three have unique stories to share about how their businesses have changed and how New Seasons Market helps play a part.

Episode 2: The History of Hood Strawberries with Unger Farms

June 2, 2020 — More than 65 years ago, a sweet and jam-like strawberry was bred at Oregon State University. The deep red color and high sugar content made these strawberries perfect for food producers, but being highly perishable, they were soon replaced by other common varieties. And that could have been the end of the story for the Hood Strawberry. That is, if it weren’t for Unger Farms. Now iconic in the Pacific Northwest, Kathy Unger joins us on this episode of The Tasty Thread podcast to talk Hood strawberry history, the three-week growing season, and when to get your hands on some of your own.

Episode 1: As Good as it Gets – Talkin’ PNW Produce with Jeff Fairchild

May 14, 2020 — With 40 years in the business, Jeff Fairchild knows a thing or two about delicious Pacific Northwest produce. As employee number twelve and the Produce Buyer at New Seasons Market, Fairchild is the perfect guide for our very first episode of The Tasty Thread podcast. He’ll walk us through Willamette Valley berries, Northwest cherries, and explain what makes the food grown in Oregon and Washington “as good as it gets.”

Introduction: The Tasty Thread Podcast

May 9, 2020 — Welcome to The Tasty Thread, a podcast from New Seasons Market. This season we meet Oregon farmers, chat with food producers from the Pacific Northwest, and explore all the ways we each play a part in our local food economy. Stay hungry and we’ll talk more soon!