Food waste is one of the largest contributors of greenhouse gasses globally. As a grocery store, we know that reducing food waste is the place where we can make the biggest difference for the climate. That’s why we joined the Pacific Coast Collaborative with a goal to reduce our food waste by 50% by 2030.

We’re implementing technology and changes to our operations to first reduce the amount of excess food. We take a holistic approach to this problem and keep the EPA food waste hierarchy in mind for each step. Our aim is not just to divert the final disposal of a product, but to positively impact the full life-cycle of food— from production, processing and transportation mitigation, to product packaging that prevents waste.

Any excess food is donated to local partners ending hunger in our communities. We partner with over 50 hunger relief organizations, including Urban Gleaners and Oregon Food Bank, who are committed to providing quality food to those experiencing food insecurity in our communities.