Staff Resources


Since day one, New Seasons Market has done things differently. Our founders set out to create a neighborhood market that puts staff first by offering industry-leading benefits, and that helps customers in a friendly, inviting way to better honor our region’s farmers, ranchers, growers and makers. We have never wavered from that legacy and don’t ever plan to. It’s why we were the world’s first B Corp Certified grocer. We want to continue working together with you to build community through food.

An important choice.

Staff at our Concordia, Grant Park and Woodstock stores will soon vote on whether to be represented by a labor union. It’s an important choice not only for themselves, but for their families too, and for the future of New Seasons.

These staff resources pages include valuable information about how voting works, how unions work, and what to expect if or when a union is voted in. Our commitment throughout this process is to remain transparent and address questions to the fullest extent possible (as allowed under federal law) so all staff can make an informed choice.