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At New Seasons Market, we call our private brand our “Partner” Brand.


Our Partner Brand is about connecting you with makers in your region. Locally sourced whenever possible, we carefully consider each partner and each product. We work with companies that value community and sustainable growth as much as using the best, cleanest and most delicious ingredients possible.

We believe in honesty: we want you to know where your food comes from. And frankly, we’re proud of who we work with; the people who work on this brand are our colleagues and collaborators. Which is why we list them on the front of our packages; we want our customers to know how amazing and awesome they are. That way, you can support your local food shed in a thoughtful, sustainable way, and get some really good food while you’re at it.

Our Partner Brand helps us do what we do best: create a living community of food for you. It’s what we love to do—because after all, food does more than nourish. It brings people together.

Make sure to check out our new labels on your favorite Partner Brand products: Same delicious taste. New look and feel.

Vendors with their products

New Seasons brand wine with cute animals on the label

Partners in Crime Cellars

We think the best things in life come from awesome partnerships, which is why we enlisted Washington winemaker Hal Landvoigt to create our Partners in Crime wines from the tastiest varietals in the Columbia Valley! Exclusive to New Seasons, we wanted our wines to be easy-drinking and fun—the perfect vino for a laid back Monday night. Our Red Blend is fruit-forward with notes of leather and vanilla, while our Pinot Gris is bright and fresh with peach and citrus notes, and a hint of ginger.​

New Seasons partner brand popcorn

Masala Pop

We’re always looking for food entrepreneurs who have next-level ideas, so when we wanted to create our Partner Brand popcorn, we knew we needed the expertise of Neha Patel. She’s the visionary snack-slinger behind Portland’s Masala Pop, whose Indian-spiced snacks have been pleasing palates since 2011. These small-batch, high-quality popcorns come in two flavors: a savory Olive Olive and Sea Salt Popcorn with EVOO from our own Californian suppliers and a Salted Honey Popcorn drizzled with floral, Northwest honey and a sprinkle of Jacobsen Sea Salt.

bag of New Seasons brand frozen berries

Scenic Fruit

Grown on small, independent farms throughout Oregon’s Willamette Valley, our Partner Brand Frozen Berries are smoothie-ready! Packaged by the folks at Scenic Fruit who’ve been in the biz for over 85 years. (In fact, they’re the oldest berry processor in the Northwest!) This third-generation, family-owned company is nestled in the foothills of the Cascades, and their longstanding partnerships with local growers ensure you’re getting the highest quality fruit​ around. Choose from blueberries, strawberries, or raspberries, or get a mix of all three.

Green jar of New Seasons olive oil

The Mill at Kings River

Managing everything from branch to bottle, our friends at The Mill at Kings River​ were the obvious choice for our Partner Brand Olive Oil. Created by two farming families with deep roots in California’s Central Valley, they’re one of the only producers who oversee everything from growing and harvesting olives to the production of the oil.​ Made from 100% Arbosana olives harvested on local, family-owned farms, our full-bodied olive oil is cold-pressed and perfect for sautéing veggies, drizzling on salads, or sopping up with a hunk of sourdough.​

Jar of New Seasons peanut butter

Wild Friends Foods

We’re big fans of nut butters and we love anything local, so working with Portland-based Wild Friends for our Partner Brand Nut Butters seemed like a match made in heaven! What started out as two college students making nut butters in their dorm at the University of Oregon​, blossomed into a line of local, delicious nut butters with just a pinch of Jacobsen Sea Salt. In almond, cashew, or peanut, in both crunchy and smooth varieties, they’re always made with simple ingredients, no fillers, and nothing (and we mean nothing) artificial.

Bag of tortilla chips

Don Pancho Mexican Foods

When we decided to create our Partner Brand Tortilla Chips, we went straight to Salem, Oregon, to partner with Don Pancho Mexican Foods. Since 1979, they’ve made authentic tortilla chips and tortillas,​ using recipes handed down for generations. Made with non-GMO ingredients, our three varieties of tortilla chips will satisfy all your crunchy cravings. Choose from Blue Sesame, Multigrain, or Restaurant Style.