New Seasons Partner Brand

At New Seasons Market, our private label is all about partnering with amazing people and businesses that share our deep love for good food and a commitment to growing, processing, and sourcing ingredients responsibly. It’s never about slapping our name on a product. Our vision has always been to create and cultivate long-term relationships with partners we’re excited to work with now and for years to come. And, of course, it’s about sharing a whole lot of goodness with you. That right there is why we call our private label, New Seasons Partner Brand.

Whether we’re partnering with a husband and wife team to bring you sustainably sourced honey, an Oregon apple farmer for fresh-pressed juice, a Portland dairy for rBST-free milk from pasture-raised cows, or a local food-lover making BBQ sauce from a family recipe that’s been passed down for generations, we make sure the path to our shelves is as streamlined as possible. And because we’re committed to supporting chefs and entrepreneurs in the community, we prioritize partnering locally and are always committed to finding and working with underserved businesses, including those owned by women and entrepreneurs of color.

New Seasons Partner Brand partners and their products including Ralenti pasta, Oregon Seafood tuna, and Kelly's Jelly fruit spread

We proudly carry over 400 Partner Brand products from nearly 50 makers in the community! Check out a few of our awesome partners below.

Are you a Neighbor Rewards member? Great! You’ll receive double points for shopping New Seasons Partner Brand and supporting our local food economy.

Plus, 1% of all Partner Brand sales go into our Partner Fund, a mission-based loan program providing low-interest loans to local food entrepreneurs—prioritizing businesses owned by women, people of color, immigrants, and LGBTQIA+ to help create a more inclusive and equitable regional food economy.

Some Partner Brand Products You’ll Find On Shelves

Partner Brand Bagels and Ready-to-bake Pizza Dough

New Seasons Partner Brand Pizza Dough made in partnership with local Portland, Oregon company Bowery Bagels

Bowery Bagels in Portland, OR

Our friend Michael Madigan makes the most delicious NY-style bagels around. Each small batch is made from scratch, hand-rolled, and fermented for the perfect crunchy crust and soft, chewy interior. We love them so much we partnered with him to create our Partner Brand bagels, and we also offer them in our bakeries and delis. They’re just that good. And in 2020, just as they were starting to feel the impact of COVID-19 closures, we grew our partnership to include fresh, ready-to-bake pizza dough. The doughs were an instant customer fave, offering Michael a new stream of revenue during a difficult time.

Partner Brand Mango and Turmeric Supersauce and Superpaste

New Seasons Partner Brand Mango and Turmeric Supersauce and Superpastes made in partnership with Oregon Healthy Harvest in Lake Oswego, OROregon Healthy Harvest in Lake Oswego, OR

When you’re wanting to add a serious boost of flavor to a favorite recipe, look no further than our Partner Brand Mango or Turmeric Supersauce and Superpaste. Inspired by the sweet smell and taste of his family’s mango farm in India, our friend Kuldip Vaid created his simple, flavor-packed recipes using real, nutrient-dense ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible. Use them to add depth and rich flavor to everything from fruit-filled smoothies and oatmeal to chicken curries and stir-fries.

Partner Brand Fruit Spread

Kelly’s Jelly in Lake Oswego, OR

Whether you’re making a quick sandwich for the kids or dressing up a fancy cheese plate, a really good fruit spread makes all the difference. That’s why we teamed up with Kelly Calabria of women-owned Kelly’s Jelly to create our wildly popular Partner Brand Fruit Spread. Each delicious flavor is made using Non-GMO Project Verified fruit locally sourced from Bauman’s Farms in Gervais, OR, and a touch of cane sugar to sweeten. Just simple, delicious recipes with no added preservatives or ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Partner Brand Albacore Tuna

Oregon Seafood in Charleston, OR

Mike Babcock of Oregon Seafoods is a big supporter of sustainably caught fish and works closely with Oregon Albacore Commission to ensure the long-term health of local fisheries. Collaborating with him to source and package our Partner Brand Albacore Tuna was a no-brainer. Our tuna is sustainably troll-caught by Oregon-based fisherpeople and packed in natural fish oils with no added preservatives or fillers. And it’s only cooked once to retain its flavor and all the omega-3 goodness. It’s the perfect pantry staple with the great taste of home-canned tuna.

Partner Brand Beef Bone Broth and Beef Jerky

Carman Ranch in Wallowa, OR

When it comes to sourcing meat, we look for great quality and partnerships with folks who care about the land they farm and the animals they raise, which is why we partnered with Cory Carman at family-owned Carman Ranch in Wallowa, OR, to create our Partner Brand Beef Bone Broth and Beef Jerky. She and her family have over 100 years of experience under their belts and know how to produce great-tasting beef the right way. Their range-raised cattle are grass-fed and finished using regenerative agricultural practices with no added hormones or antibiotics ever.

Partner Brand Cage-Free, Organic, and Free-Range Eggs

Stiebrs Farms in Yelm, WA

We’ve been working with Yany Stiebrs—a third-generation chicken farmer—for years to bring you consistently delicious eggs with farm-fresh flavor. And so when we decided to create our Partner Brand Cage-Free, Organic, and Free-Range eggs, partnering with the Stiebrs family was our first choice. Their eggs are Non-GMO Project Verified and hand-gathered from locally raised chickens humanely raised on Non-GMO feed grown right on the farm. Whether you’re making a protein-packed breakfast, quiche, cake, or dough, a great egg makes all the difference.

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