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Partner Brand


Partner Brand

At New Seasons Market, we call our private brand our “Partner” Brand.

Our Partner Brand is about connecting you with makers in your region. Locally sourced whenever possible, we carefully consider each partner and each product. We work with companies that value community and sustainable growth as much as using the best, cleanest and most delicious ingredients possible.

We believe in honesty: we want you to know where your food comes from. And frankly, we’re proud of who we work with; the people who work on this brand are our colleagues and collaborators. Which is why we list them on the front of our packages; we want our customers to know how amazing and awesome they are. That way, you can support your local food shed in a thoughtful, sustainable way, and get some really good food while you’re at it.

Our Partner Brand helps us do what we do best: create a living community of food for you. It’s what we love to do—because after all, food does more than nourish. It brings people together.

Make sure to check out our new labels on your favorite Partner Brand products: Same delicious taste. New look and feel.

new seasons brand packaged applewood smoked and black pepper crusted bacon

Beeler’s Pure Pork

The Beeler story began way back in 1846 and six generations later, family-owned Beeler’s Pure Pork is making some of the best bacon around! What truly sets Beeler Pork apart is their method of farming which ensures their pigs are raised with compassion, free to roam outside and choose their own environment. They call their method Heluka, derived from the Native American language meaning “Full of Sun”—a fitting name for animals who are free to enjoy the fresh air and bask in the sunshine. Our Partner Brand bacon is uncured and made without nitrates or nitrites, except those occurring naturally from sea salt and celery powder. Choose from Applewood Smoked or Pepper Crusted.

bars of new seasons brand chocolate in a plethora of flavors

Pitch Dark Chocolate

We love local. We love the real deal. And we reallllly love chocolate. Portland’s Pitch Dark ticks all the boxes, with delicious flavor combinations, direct trade cacao sourced from small farms in Nicaragua, and a mission of sustainability and social justice. Because chocolate should make literally everyone happier.

a bottle of overjoy brand pinot noir red wine

Grochau Cellars

For our third bottling of Overjoy wine, we’ve partnered with longtime friend, Oregon Winemaker John Grochau. Together, we selected Pinot Noir from several varieties grown on sustainably farmed vineyards across the Willamette Valley. The result? A nuanced wine reflecting the region’s diverse terror. This is a wine that begs to be shared. It pairs beautifully with good conversation and big, fun family meals.

new seasons brand ravioli pasta served with asparagus and parmesan

Inaba Farms

Starting out with just three crops a century ago, the Inaba family has used traditional Japanese farming techniques since they started in the Yakima Valley. Today, they farm 20 crops, none with a more loyal following than their spring asparagus. That local flavor plus their socially responsible farming practices have drawn us to partner with them for our seasonal asparagus and Taleggio ravioli. So flavorful, all this ravioli needs is a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of sea salt to fill your weeknight dinner bowl.

a bottle of new seasons brand extra virgin olive oil

California Olive Ranch

Since 1998, California Olive Ranch has captured a unique mix of traditional farming techniques and modern technology to produce their premium, sustainable olive oil in the Northern California foothills. And while local and sustainable make them a great New Seasons partner, the flavor brings their oil to the next level. Our Partner Brand olive oil from prime Arbosana olives has a full-bodied, nutty flavor perfect for sautéing veggies, drizzling on salads, or sopping up with a hunk of sourdough.

a jar of new seasons brand creamy peanut butter

Wild Friends Foods

Keeley and Erika started creating their own nut butters while they were still students at the University of Oregon; just a few years later, they’ve created a national name for themselves with flavors like vanilla espresso and chocolate coconut peanut butter. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a classic recipe of almonds, peanuts or cashews with just a touch of Jacobsen sea salt, and that’s what you’ll find in our Partner Brand nut butters—3 different flavors of natural, local deliciousness.


a package of new seasons brand organic flour tortillas

Don Pancho Mexican Foods

Our longtime friend and vendor, Don Pancho Mexican Foods based in Salem, Oregon, has partnered with us for years to make our authentic tortilla chips. And 3 chip flavors and a million guac recipes later, we’re working with them to bring another staple your way. Our new tortillas sport a soft, chewy texture that perfectly highlights fillings for your burritos, tacos and wraps. And with organic ingredients in 4 different varieties, these authentic tortillas will satisfy all kinds of #TacoTuesday cravings. Choose from corn, flour, whole wheat and golden blend.