At New Seasons Market, we focus on building and nourishing the communities we serve; from the neighborhood we’re a part of to the global food community.

Hunger Relief

As part of our ongoing commitment to our communities, every New Seasons store partners with a local organization that eliminates hunger. Customers can make a donation at the register anytime they shop with us, and organizations range in scope from food pantries to home garden programs for food insecure families. Learn more>>

Giving Locally

We’ve always believed that giving back to our communities is the right thing to do. That’s why we donate 10% of our after-tax profits to local nonprofit organizations. To make sure our efforts have impact, we keep our focus on three key areas: Ending hunger, supporting our schools, and promoting environmental conservation. Learn more>>

Bag It Forward

When you bring a reusable bag to New Seasons Market, you can donate your 5 cent refund to one of three non-profits in the neighborhood! All of our non-profits focus on one of three areas—ending hunger, supporting PreK-12 schools or protecting our environment.


Cans For Kids

When you donate your refundable cans and bottles at New Seasons Market to our Cans for Kids program, 100% goes directly to your neighborhood schools foundation. Last year alone our Cans for Kids program raised over $137,000 from our customers, staff and community. Learn more>>

Scrip Program

We support pre K-12 schools by offering a 5% discount on scrip card purchases. To become a New Seasons Market scrip partner, please email for more details about our program.

Lend A Hand

We also honor our staff’s commitment to doing more in their community. Each year, we give each of our staff up to 8 hours of paid time off to participate in community service, contributing to the work local nonprofits are doing.

Looking to request a donation? Please fill out the form on our donations page.