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Our Story

New Seasons Market brings delicious, healthy food from local farmers, producers, ranchers & fishermen to our communities.

At the same time, we provide you with choices—at New Seasons, you’ll find the best mix of grocery classics and local, organic favorites, from Cheerios® to free-range chicken. And that grocery goodness goes beyond our store’s four walls: we’re firmly committed to environmental stewardship, to giving back to our community, and to providing a progressive workplace where our staff thrives. But at the end of the day, it’s about really good food. And good food makes everyone happy.

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Headquartered in beautiful

Portland, Oregon

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Pacific Northwest

Serving communities in

Northern California

Who we are
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Three families from Portland, Oregon—all with deep roots in local food—got together and asked themselves a question:

"What if we created a store that celebrated a living community of food?"

It was about rethinking what a grocery store could be: in the new millennium, the families envisioned returning to the idea of a neighborhood market, selling local and organic items—and conventional products, too. A fun, friendly place where customers could make that connection to who and where their food came from. The kind of store that honors its farmers, ranchers, growers and makers—and helps them prosper for generations to come.

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That "What if?" turned into

"Let's Do It!"

We started with one store in Raleigh Hills, a neighborhood on the outskirts of Portland. It was grocery with gusto—starting from scratch and building a store the old-fashioned way: with love. It was a blast. It still is.

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Even though we're bigger—think 21 stores in Oregon, Washington and Northern California, with more on the way—we continue to be inspired by:

the joy of great food, a connection to community, and gratitude to our customers and staff.