University Park

Our Community

Our new store’s location, serving the University Park, Portsmouth and St. Johns neighborhoods, has been the most requested by customers.

Fun fact about our University Park store: it is the only one with initials that spell a word, UP. Staff members have been incredibly creative bringing this UP in conversations, UPlifting each other and kicking it UP a notch at every UPportunity. Employees also erupt into spontaneous clapping on regular basis, celebrating the many wins, big and small.

Learn more about our Bag It Forward program>>

Hunger Partner

Our register hunger relief partner is the Holy Cross St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry (SVDP). The food pantry, located less than a mile up the road from our University Park store, provides food for people in need. “Neighbors helping neighbors” is their motto, fitting with New Seasons’ mission of serving the residents of the communities where are stores are.