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Progress Ridge

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Hunger Partner

Good Neighbor Center

Since 2000, Good Neighbor Center has provided safe, emergency housing for homeless families in Washington County. Through the generous customer donations at our Progress Ridge store, we have been able to help shelter, feed and empower local families and provide services to help them become self-sufficient.

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Comutity coordinator styled labele.

Alli Dolezal: Progress Ridge Community Coordinator

Alli freely admits that being a New Seasons Market community coordinator is a dream job. “This position mirrors much of my life outside of work: work hard, play hard, love and be a part of your community.” Alli loves the idea of growth and change, and loves being an active part of seeing New Seasons’ vision—cultivating good for generations—come to life. When Alli’s not at Progress Ridge, you can find her Zumba-ing, or taking part in one of a virtual plethora of sports. We’re talking everything from kicking around a hackie sack to basketball, hiking, running, body surfing, yoga, beach football, foosball, bocce ball, trust falls…it’s safe to say that Alli enjoys athletics.