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Fisher’s Landing

Our Community

Looking for a donation for your neighborhood organization? We love kids. Your kids. Our kids. The kids at school and the kids who aren’t even big enough to be in school. We’ll help them learn about healthy, nutritious eating, we’ll teach them where their food comes from and let them see firsthand how a grocery store works.

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Hunger Partner


Vancouver, Washington’s Share envisions a community without hunger, and its mission is to lead the hungry and homeless to self-sufficiency. Because of the generous donations of our Fisher’s Landing customers, we have been able to assist Share in providing food, shelter, housing, education, advocacy and compassion through the strength of the Vancouver community.

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April Neff-Hovis: Fisher's Landing Community Coordinator

From amazing coworkers to inspiring community partners, April Neff-Hovis says “It’s hard to list all the reasons why I love working for New Seasons Market!” As the Community Coordinator for our Fisher’s Landing store, she’s in the unique position to help impact multiple communities around Vancouver, interacting with customers from from as far away at Longview and Stevenson. After growing up in the area, April was thrilled to return to Vancouver with her husband to raise their twin girls. You’ll often find the family exploring the outdoors and enjoying new, local foods.