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a portrait of christi

Christi Reed

Lead Nutritionist

Christi loves her job. Her favorite part? Connecting with people over the ultimate unifier: food. She believes eating food as nature intended is the path to feel-good health and happiness. She’s totally obsessed with all things coconut (earning her the adorable nickname “Coco”) and has lived deliciously gluten-free for over 15 years. But deep down, she’d really just love to be a mermaid.

Spirit vegetable: Artichoke.

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a portrait of kayla

Kayla Petersen


Although Kayla originally wanted to be lion tamer when she grew up, she’s pretty happy with her role as a New Seasons Market Nutritionist: “It’s a dream come true,” she says.  “I get to chat with customers about how really tasty food can help them feel well now, and promote future health.” She believes in eating lots of veggies with good fats—think butter, coconut or olive oil—and if she had her way, would never use a measuring spoon or cup.

Spirit vegetable: Arugula

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a portrait of leah

Leah Kriewall


Leah’s a self-proclaimed nerd with a black belt in Taekwondo. She was born and raised on a tiny farm in the Midwest, but Portland’s been home for a decade. Her nutrition philosophy? Know where your food comes from and eat it with gratitude and joy. As Joan Dye Gussow said: “Eating should be a pleasure, not an intellectual exercise.” In her spare time, she hits the trail and soaks up Vitamin D with her family.

Spirit vegetable: Radicchio

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a portrait of amanda

Amanda Nelson


Amanda’s been with us since day one. In fact, she gave birth to the first New Seasons Market baby. As for motherhood, she’s made it count: Amanda’s led the New Parent and Breastfeeding Support Group at our Concordia store for over 11 years, along with coordinating thousands of nutrition classes. Her inspiration? A lifelong passion for food, from her true love of kale to her collection of rare honey from around the world.

Spirit vegetable: Kale

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