Our staff nutritionists are serving up timely and helpful info each month, all available in downloadable--and printable--PDFs.

Grains and Beans

Say hi to the edible power couple that is grains + beans—and all the health boosts, cooking tips and foodie facts that come with ‘em.

Go gluten-free

Just a simple thing we like to call Gluten Freedom.

Pack a Power Lunchbox

Go back to school in tasty, nutritious style.

From Paleo to gluten-free to vegan, our in-house nutritionists are highly knowledgeable and passionate about helping you navigate specialized diets. Just looking to jumpstart your morning breakfast routine—or plan healthy, budget-friendly meals for the week? Our nutritionists can help. What’s more, most stores offer an incredible schedule of Nutrition and Wellness classes throughout the year.

The best part? They’re totally  free.

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Siete Tortillas

Gluten-free, anti-inflammatory, and paleo friendly. Significantly fewer carbohydrates than other flour or corn tortillas—the perfect option for folks looking to balance blood sugar.


Rx Bar

One of our favorite new protein bars on the market! Nothing can beat their clean ingredient list; using egg whites as it main source of protein.

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