We are a full-service floral boutique bringing you high quality, sustainably-grown flowers at a great value—that are sourced locally whenever possible. And, of course, are gorgeous. You’ll see a few signs in our stores talking about Oregon-grown, local, organic and fair trade flowers. What does that all mean?

Oregon-grown: Just what it sounds like: grown in Oregon. We carry at least some all year round, with the most available in the summertime. We often source from small-scale growers, supporting them in a way that best fits their business.

Local: These flowers are grown in the Pacific Northwest—from Northern California on up.

Organic: Certified organic Flowers grown using a salmon-safe method that is sustainable for the environment, now and for generations to come.

Fair Trade: When buying across borders, we source flowers that are certified by the Rainforest Alliance, and certified sustainably grown by Veriflora. When purchasing roses, we ensure the growing organizations are Certified Fair Trade, growing roses responsibly in sustainable working conditions.