Coffee & Tea

Our passionate, talented baristas love to brew and mix amazing espresso and drip coffees to kick off your day, cold brews to cool you down, and teas for everything from soothing to stimulating.


Our coffee bars aren’t just for satisfying thirsty patrons, but also to offer a sanctuary from the bustle of everyday life. So grab your fave drink, (skillfully crafted by your friendly neighborhood barista) take a seat and make yourself comfy. Chill out and stay a while: grab a bite, catch up with friends, read the paper, use our wifi, whatever you like. Our coffee bars are open during all store hours, so a late night latte is no problem.

New Seasons coffee bar.


Exciting News!

Thanks to our new partnership with GrönCBD, you can now add CBD to your coffee or tea at our beverage bars! Just let your barista know if you’d like to add 10 mg of CBD to your beverage, produced from natural botanicals.

We’re always looking for ways to reduce the use of plastics in our stores, so we’ve switched to paper drinking straws at all of our coffee bars! By making the switch, we could prevent up to 450,000 straws from ending up in landfills and in our oceans.


Blends & Brews

Coffees: Our unique house blend of beans is 100% organic, and was created by Stumptown Coffee Roasters for the best balance and flavor.

Tea: We carry a bunch of different locally sourced teas from Smith Teas and Tao of Tea, including organic options and matcha.

Milk: In addition to cow’s milk, we have almond, soy, rice, hemp and coconut milks; so if you’d prefer your drink be made with one of these, don’t hesitate to ask.

New seasons market coffee beans Cup of tea Almond milk in a cup

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